A mattress is one of the essential things that you will require in an apartment. It is difficult to analyze the accurate life span of mattresses but according to research and analysis, an average mattress can spend 5-10 years by providing restful sleep to sleepers. Every individual dreams to have a smooth, comfortable & supportive mattress for quality sleep but it completely depends on the choice you have made and factors you consider while choosing the mattress.

There are multiple options available in the market that make buyers confused about which one to choose or which one not to choose, you can view the options on mattressive. Sometimes people also think that if they will buy an expensive mattress that might last forever that is completely a myth. Even the highest-quality mattresses will degrade over time. Therefore, it completely depends on the usage and quality of the mattress you are buying.

We at Mattress Topper Judge have brought the perfect guide for you, this will help you in deciding when to replace a mattress, and also analyzes the typical lifespan of a mattress all across the world. Therefore, continue reading this article for a better understanding and knowledge in 2021 for how long should a mattress last?

How Long Should an Average Mattress Last?

There are numerous options for the mattresses available in the market that confuses buyers for finding the right one for them. That’s why we have done complete research and analysis, this will help you in knowing more about mattresses. If we talk about the life span of mattresses, average mattresses should last between 7 and 10 years. However, there are many factors and variables that can influence a mattress’s lifespan.

The quality, building materials, weight distribution, sleeping styles of the sleepers can be some of the common factors that affect the bed’s longevity. We all need to know mattresses don’t have an expiration date because there are numerous factors that will decide these. Therefore, if you are looking for comfort and support for a long time from a mattress, opting for mattress toppers can add value to your mattresses. It will help you in providing quality sleep as well as long-term support with an old mattress.

List of Common Factors Influencing Lifespan of Mattresses

Generally, a quality mattress can last for 7-10 years but there are many factors that can influence the lifespan of mattresses. We all know that quality sleep is important for a better and healthy life. Therefore, you should you know that the durability of your mattress depends on many variables, and some of them are listed as follows:

  1. Materials used during the construction of mattresses can have a great impact on longevity. Because the mattress has the materials like latex and high-density polyfoam then there is a chance the mattress can last long but if it is made up with the low-density polyfoam then it can end up life soon.
  2. Quality has an impact on mattresses. Because a cheap quality mattress will never last long. Make sure to know that it completely depends on quality, not on the price that mattress will survive for the long term or not.
  3. Weight matters the most because it helps in determining the lifespan of your mattress. The more your weight is, the more the chances of putting pressure on the mattress. That will result in dwindling and sagging of mattresses. Therefore, it is important to buy the mattress according to your body weight for better results and long life.
  4. Keeping the mattress and its caring routine will have a longer lasting impact on the mattress life. If you are maintaining complete hygiene with routine cleaning, protective covers, and other mattress manufacturer care guidelines, then there are chances for adding more life to it.

Final Words

In a nutshell, we hope that you have got the right idea and knowledge regarding the life duration of average mattresses. We at Mattress Topper Judge have analyzed that the average mattress can spend 7-10 years without any major problem.  But we recommend you make sure to know about your sleeping requirements before buying a mattress to avoid frequent buying like if you can, order a zero gravity bed that can be adjusted. Start giving importance to sleep and spend quality time on your bed with the right mattress.

So, if you need more information & knowledge regarding the mattresses get in contact with us. Our team is always there to support you with our best decision-making.

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