Is A Realtor Legally Required To Disclose Multiple Offers In Ontario?

The most common question a seller typically comes across is, “Can a realtor disclose my offer?” If this is your first time selling a house or buying a new home, you may be unsure of your realtor’s responsibilities.

Realtors in Ontario are required to reveal the number of offers competing for the property to each potential buyer who has put down a written offer. However, the realtors are not liable to disclose the terms and conditions governing those offers. This information will remain confidential between the seller, the realtor, and the buyer who put down that particular offer.

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Working With Realtors for Multiple Offers

The seller’s agent will only represent the seller’s interests and decision on the sale. It’s the seller who decides the response to the offers and the course of action in case of multiple offers.

However, buyers need to know that when there are multiple offers in a property sale, being pre-approved for a given price does not guarantee they will get the property. These situations often lead to a bidding war. Realtors should help their clients understand how exactly the bidding war works so that the buyer does not end up bidding more than they can afford like they did while purchasing a Mastercraft boat.

In some situations, the seller’s realtor can also represent the potential buyers. However, you should opt for your own representation instead of relying on the seller’s realtor. The job of the realtor is to represent you and ensure that things steer in your favor.

However, when you are sharing the seller’s agent, you won’t receive undivided representation or assistance. Working your way through multiple offers is already challenging. On top of that, when you choose to work with the seller’s realtor, they might not give you an unbiased opinion.

Sometimes, they are just in a hurry to make a sale and get their commission. Also, since generally the seller takes care of the realtor’s commission, the agent might give higher priority to the seller’s interest and your interests will take a backseat for them.

Things Buyers Should Keep in Mind While Dealing With Multiple Offers

In some cases, sellers will have to choose between multiple competing purchase offers. The various bargaining methods you can use in multiple offer talks have benefits and drawbacks.

A low initial offer could result in you paying less for the house you want – or it could result in another buyer’s larger offer being approved. A full-price offer, on the other hand, may entail paying more than the vendor had requested.

Multiple Offers: How Will the Realtor Handle Them?

Every seller and selling agent hopes to get multiple offers. A realtor can manage a multiple offer situation in several ways. Again, the seller’s best interests should always take precedence when selecting how to continue.

It’s possible that by disclosing some details to select individuals, the seller will be in a better position. There are a variety of explanations why you might prefer one party to win the offer.

The realtor bears a significant duty for advising the seller on how to obtain the best possible conditions. If a buyer’s offer puts the seller in a better financial position, a listing agent should never be concerned about reporting it.

Choose an Agent Who Understands Your Needs

When it comes to buying or selling a house, it’s critical to work with an agent who understands your needs.

It’s a realtor’s responsibility to keep your interests in mind while putting down an offer on your behalf. Especially when multiple offers are involved, your realtor’s job is to ensure you have the upper hand over other potential buyers and a higher chance of getting the property.

If another client already has made the offer, your agent may try to persuade the listing agent to give you some tips on beating the offer. Some realtors also believe in making the offer in-person instead of email when there are multiple offers involved like informing them about central air conditioners or showing off the landscape that is unbeatable.

Property transactions are often mingled with a great degree of emotion. When your realtor puts the offer in person, they help the seller understand what kind of person they could potentially be selling their property to. Humanizing the unknown buyer increases their chances of bagging the property.

These are some inside tricks and strategies that only an experienced realtor knows. That’s why it’s essential to choose an agent who understands your needs and has the required expertise to meet your requirements.

Visit the Home With Your Realtor

Multiple offers on a property can instantly make it competitive, but that should not deter you from ensuring you see it in person. Ideally, you should visit the property before you put down an offer, despite any virtual tours or online options that allow you to view the details of the home.

Your realtor has experience in evaluating properties. When visiting in person, they can not only tell you if the house is in good condition but they can also tell you if the house is worth the price.


You now know that a realtor in Ontario cannot reveal the contents of an offer to other buyers. Every person who makes a competing offer must be informed of the number of competing offers.

Verify that your clients are aware of the dangers and benefits of purchasing or selling for them to make an informed decision regarding the transaction and any offers on the table. A realtor must always have an approach in mind that sets their client in the top situation possible to begin negotiations and terms of the deal.

It is always wise to speak to an expert before you indulge in property transactions. They will help you work around various difficulties.

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