Keeping your baby safe and comfy on their crib mattress means that the mattress needs to be breathable and protected from all the products your baby may produce. Instead of settling your baby on an old-style vinyl crib mattress, a breathable mattress and mattress pad will keep the baby much safer as they grow more mobile.

What is a Crib Mattress Pad?

The crib mattress pad is a waterproof, breathable pad that protects the crib mattress from

  • moisture
  • waste
  • vomit

and other liquids that can seep into a breathable mattress and provide a home for bacteria and mold. Once you have a breathable crib mattress that will protect your baby if they roll over onto their tummy, keeping a waterproof, breathable cover on top can reduce your laundry burden.

What Are Crib Mattress Pads for?

The crib mattress pad is the first level of protection between your crib mattress and baby. The sheet on top of the mattress pad can provide some protection, but the mattress pad will keep the mattress dry.

Pairing up a breathable mattress and a breathable mattress pad will keep your baby much cooler. If your little one is a hot sleeper, you know how unhappy they (and you) are when they wake up with a sweaty back and sweat-dampened hair. A breathable, washable, waterproof crib pad can help them sleep for longer stretches of time in comfort.

Do I Really Need to Add a Waterproof Pad on a Waterproof Mattress?

Babies dream and your little one can roll over much earlier than you expect, especially if they need to side sleep because of reflux; if at all possible, put the baby to bed on their back. With a breathable waterproof pad on a breathable waterproof mattress, they have several layers of breathable fabric should they turn.

Adding waterproof baby pads to a waterproof, breathable mattress will protect the mattress from deep moisture in the crib mattress that increases the risk of bacterial growth.

Is a Crib Mattress Pad Safe?

The biggest risk to your baby in their crib is excessive soft goods. Too many blankets, bumpers, and soft goods put your baby at risk of overheating and getting too close to a bulky fabric item that could get in the way of their breathing. If your baby is cold, you can find out quickly. If they’re too warm, it can be hard to tell.

Use a breathable mattress from a reputable place like Naturepedic and cover it with a breathable mattress pad. Snug everything down to make a tight-fitting, breathable crib mattress. Keep nothing in the crib but your baby in a comfy sleeping sack of no more than one layer of fabric. Check their hands to make sure they’re warm and let them sleep.

Carefully review the label to make sure that your waterproof crib pads are breathable. Reviews have become important even before buying a piece of furniture or a piece of clothingYou don’t want an insulating pad under a new baby. Getting too hot will make them miserable and can increase the risk of low oxygen.

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