We often tend to compare and research two products when we are looking to buy them. Comparing two products gives us understanding and choice about them. Based on that we tend to make our preferred purchase.

If you are here, it means you are struggling to buy an Air Conditioner from the best company that assures you of not looking back for some good years on the condition of the AC after the purchase. And if your dilemma is about what to choose between American Standard and Rheem, then let me tell you it is the hardest choice.

But well do not worry we are here to make it easy. Both the brands hold very strong representations in their market and have some strong loyal customers. And hence figuring out the best out of the two becomes challenging, actually very challenging.

But as we progress ahead in the article you will get to know a lot about both the companies and by the end, you will surely have a choice. So, let us hold on to too much and just get started.

Which is Better?

Both the brands have managed to make a strong market representation and create loyal customers. Their efficiency makes them the best in the market despite having multiple competitors. Certain points draw a thin line between American Standard and Rheem and allow one to choose among them.

Cost, efficiency, energy, and similar other factors are few points that help the consumer decide which product can be their perfect fit to their needs or wants. Below given are a few points discussed that thoroughly talk about the difference between both the companies.


American Standard AC units fall under three categories namely:

  1. Platinum
  2. Gold
  3. Silver

Rheem AC units fall under three categories namely:

  1. Prestige
  2. Classic
  3. Value

Platinum is the most expensive and efficient ACs under American Standard while Prestige is the most efficient and expensive under Rheem.

The other two categories also are quite efficient in functioning. Both the companies have their own set of prices that vary a little here and there but most of the cost details depend on the quantity purchased as both make it available to the consumer at wholesale prices as well.


The efficiency of an AC is an important factor to pay attention to while comparing two reputable brands. Efficiency usually refers to the cooling capacity that the AC provides.

But sometimes more efficiency can mean usage of more electricity, so one needs to watch out.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is the measurement of how much energy the product uses to reach utmost efficiency or cooling. Higher the SEER higher the efficiency.

Rheem ACs tend to have less efficiency as compared to the American Standard ACs. So, this is a point major of the time consumers tend to make their choice against Rheem and choose American Standard.


The durability of a product is something that you need to be very picky with. Whenever we tend to buy anything, we make sure to buy a quality product that does not put pressure on our pockets for some good years. And ACs seem to fall under this category where you must keep the durability of a product as a prime concern.

Continuing to talk about the two most known and appreciated brands in ACs, American Standard usually provides 12+ years of warranty on the product they offer, whereas Rheem only offers a 5-year warranty on the product they offer, which gives another reason for the consumers to make their choice as per their need.


Both the companies manufacture the best products and provide their best customer service. Quite a point of the products is very similar to each other while some are way too different. But both tend and aim to only provide the best to their customers.

Answering the question, which brand stands to be better than the simple answer lies in your need. The product of the brand that satisfies your need and provides comfort and trust through their product is the better one.

It can be American Standard, it can be Rheem or it can be Trane. If you are not going with American Standard then you can choose between Trane Vs Rheem. your need for the product defines what is better. The one who serves your need better stands out to be better. So, choose efficiently and analytically.

Hope this article proves to be of some help to your confusion and finally helps you to make an effective choice between them both.

Happy Purchase!

Katherine Nguyen

Katherine Nguyen holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington and has spent 11 years in brand management and corporate communications. Since joining us as a freelancer in 2021, Katherine has provided insights into effective branding strategies, reputation management, and market positioning. Her background includes senior roles in public relations and marketing agencies. Katherine is an avid reader and volunteers in community literacy programs in her leisure time.

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