Purchasing your first investment property is a thrilling and nerve-wracking experience. This situation is entirely understandable, given that real estate investments are frequently the most significant single purchase that most people will ever make.

If you’re looking to boost your confidence and get more real estate investment tips, self-education via property investment podcasts is an excellent place to begin. Additionally, it’s an excellent method to interact with a large and resourceful community of like-minded folks working toward similar goals.

We’ve compiled a list of crucial real estate investing podcast that new and seasoned investors should listen to. They include the following:

The Remote Real Estate Investor Podcast

There are numerous real estate investing podcasts available. However, only a few discuss a growing category of investors: individuals who invest hundreds of kilometers from their homes.

In the Remote Real Estate Investor podcast created specifically for real estate investors who stays in a different town or state from their investment location, Tom Schneider, Emil Shour, and Michael Albaum discuss the unique opportunities presented by long-distance real estate investing, as well as how investors can position themselves for success.

The episodes address a variety of topics, including:

  • Managing your property manager
  • Identifying excellent investment markets
  • Analyzing properties from a distance and determine which opportunities to pursue
  • Managing risk and preventing frequent errors
  • Analyzing transactions, case studies, and methods devised by experts

Bigger Pockets Podcast

The Bigger Pockets podcast, hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, is one of the top real estate investing podcasts.

It features conversations with a diverse range of real estate investment industry players. Discover new niches, methods, and real estate market segments from those already generating money in the industry.

One of the podcast’s most vital points is the emphasis on investors’ diverse backgrounds, which range from wait staff to stay-at-home moms and beyond.

You’ll leave feeling inspired and knowing that anyone can achieve their real estate investment goals. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned investor, you’ll learn something new and gain the drive to grow your business.

The Real Estate and Financial Independence Podcast

We all desire financial freedom, and Chad Carson’s podcast is one of the best commercial real estate podcasts. Chad began investing in 2003 and at the age of 37, achieved financial independence. Additionally, he has been a frequent guest on Roofstock’s podcast!

If you’re a buy-and-hold investor, this podcast might be all you need. Subscribe to his podcast to receive weekly episodes filled with practical advice on using real estate to fund an early retirement.

Investing in Apartment Buildings

If you’re interested in diversifying your portfolio with multifamily investments, you’ll enjoy Michael Blank’s episode.

He shares his expertise on getting private financing, multifamily investing, and syndicating deals as a writer for Bigger Pockets and a blogger.

Whether your objective is to add or discover hidden value, secure funding for your next transaction, or obtain in-depth financial and tax assistance, you’ll find that the specialists can help. Blank’s interviews can provide you with a plethora of practical knowledge and expertise.

Apartment Building Investing podcast focuses on financial independence and provides inspiration and actionable strategies.

The Real Estate Professionals

Since 1997, The Real Estate Guys have been broadcasting on the radio, and their podcast is one of the most popular on iTunes.

Hosted by professional investor Robert Helms and financial strategist Russell Gray, you’ll get the best of both worlds: high-level competence and an entertaining, fast-paced presentation.

The best aspect of this commercial real estate podcast is the concentration on issues not covered elsewhere. Additionally, you’ll find topics that relate to broader macroeconomic events and trends to the real estate investment market, putting market movements and conditions into context.

Each episode will undoubtedly contribute to your financial education.

The Best Ever Show Podcast

Joe Fairless’s show is the longest-running daily real estate investing podcast. This show conducts daily interviews with real estate investors focusing on apartment syndications and passive real estate investing.

If you’re seeking real-world networking opportunities, consider attending podcast-related events, such as the Best Ever Real Estate Conference.

Fairless’s passive real estate investing podcast provides straightforward guidance, including insights on portfolio management, scalability, and utilizing leverage to expand your portfolio. If you’ve ever been annoyed by podcasts that need you to dig for actionable tidbits, you’ll appreciate the emphasis on the news you can use immediately here and will save yourself from flood check scams.

Rental Rookies Podcast

If you’re new to rental property investing or want to brush up on the basics, Rental Rookie is an excellent resource. Emily Du Plessis, a former middle-school English teacher, founded the site to educate and help new investors.

Du Plessis has established a risk-free environment where you’ll never feel “stupid” or insecure. By eliminating the fear associated with real estate investing, listeners can construct what she refers to as a “life by design.”

This “life by design” is a precious resource for female investors and couples interested in collaborating on the development of an investing firm.

The Real Wealth Show Podcast

Mega-investor Kathy Fettke is the author of the New York Times best-selling book Retire Rich with Rentals and a frequent guest on CNN, CNBC, Fox News, NPR, and CBS MarketWatch.

The presentation will provide you with practical and actionable ideas, market data, and insights to assist you in acquiring, managing, and monetizing your investments.

The Real Wealth Show is a weekly podcast that features a variety of ideas for investors of all skill levels seeking new chances.

Fettke additionally includes content geared toward retirees transferring to management for long-term investment.

Real Estate Today Radio

If you’re looking for real estate investing podcasts for beginners, you’ll like Real Estate Today’s podcast.

Real Estate Today, sponsored by the National Association of REALTORS, gives insights on markets, property prices, and operational tactics that you may use for your investment company.

Understand the factors that shape and move the market, how to identify trends, and how to adopt a professional attitude to improve your pricing strategy, negotiation skills, and market analysis.

This podcast is especially beneficial for beginner investors as it provides new insight and knowledge that you can apply every day.

Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast

This podcast is ideal for anybody interested in hearing real-world experiences and guidance from successful real estate investors who have created fortunes through multifamily real estate.

Lifetime CashFlow is a collection of interviews with industry professionals and motivational tips for getting started in real estate investing.

Rod Khleif, the podcast’s host, has owned and managed over 2,000 properties over his investing career and utilizes the program to share the most incredible knowledge over the years with listeners.

Think Realty Radio Podcast

Think Realty is committed to educating and guiding real estate investors with varying talent and experience.

Their daily dose of wisdom and insight comes from presenter Abhi Golhar and his investor guests on their Think Realty Radio program. With insights into interior design to finance, you’ll learn some new knowledge.

Golhar has real-world experience and knowledge as a coach for Think Realty and a nationally recognized investment advisor, emphasizing the day-to-day operational and managerial responsibilities that provide leverage for firms.

His cheery demeanor and genuine enthusiasm for the subject make this an enjoyable listen.


Both new and seasoned investors have gained a lot from real estate investing podcasts. Each episode contains tips that help investors to manage real estate investment.

Maximizing the above podcasts will save you lots of trouble while investing in real estate.

Ellie Chen

Ellie Chen is a graduate of New York University with a Master’s in Real Estate who has been an expert in property market trends and real estate investment for over 12 years. Her previous roles include working in real estate brokerage and as a property analyst. She has provided insights into real estate marketing, property management, and investment strategies. Her background includes roles in real estate development firms and as an agent. Beyond work, she is a great hiker and a volunteer in housing affordability programs. She is also a passionate urban cyclist and enjoys participating in community development initiatives.

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