If you are considering relocating your offices to California, we bet your decision must have been received with a few puzzled looks, a couple of “Oh’s,” and even some daring “But why’s?”. Most people consider office relocation an unnecessary hassle that interrupts your normal business cycle at best and a logistical nightmare at worst.

However, relocating your offices doesn’t have to suck. On the contrary, despite what people think, moving on up can even be beneficial for your business, as long as you plan ahead and trust the work in the expert hands of office relocation services.

So, the next time people give you that weird look when you proudly announce your office relocation decision, provide them with this list of positives to rest your case.

Think of All These Pros

1. They Bring You Closer To Your Clients

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of moving your offices is that it brings you closer to your clients. Sure, you might have started as a small local community office, but as your business expands and your clientele increases, you want to meet your clients where they are at. If distance keeps people from doing business with you, the office relocation is not only ideal but mandatory as well.

2. Gives Your Brand A Facelift

Think of the infinite possibilities of new offices. You can give your brand a whole new facelift. Your offices are the first impression a client gets from you and your company. You know what they say, right? First impressions matter. So make yours count.

A client will have a hard time trusting you if your offices are old, outdated, and shabby. One area that usually gets neglected is the office bathroom. Don’t try to skip on commercial bathroom design, as it’s equally important as the rest of your office. Do give your brand a whole new appeal by moving on up and investing in modern, contemporary, bespoke offices. A picture is a thousand words. So let the image of your new office do the talking.

3. It Boosts The Energy And Productivity Of Your Company

You know the jazzy feeling you get when you change something in your house? Your energy immediately improves, and you feel positive and enthusiastic. Imagine your employees pouring all this energy, positive vibes and enthusiasm into their work once they find themselves in their new offices.

New office, new beginnings, everybody is ready to roll up their sleeves and start fresh. So, do yourself a favor and tilt the balance towards office relocation. It will boost the energy and the productivity of your company.

4. It Can Lower Your Costs

Moving your offices does not have to be a financial detriment. On the contrary, it can be a great way to start fresh and cut back on your costs. For example, you can strike a better deal on the rent for your space, or you can even rent a smaller one if you find that your current office has too much unused space.

5. Allows You To Implement Innovative Ways To Work

A new office will allow you to implement innovative ways to work. There is an endless world of opportunities out there, and new methodologies (lean working, swarm intelligence) may seem hard to implement in an old, outdated office space.

Before moving to your new offices, you can hop on board with the interior design team and create open workspaces, small acoustic rooms with ralph lauren paints, employee lunch areas, cozy waiting rooms, a bespoke reception, and hot-desking areas.

Think of it as your blank canvas; you can put your own style and touch to it to represent your brand’s vision.

Prepping For The Move

The earlier you start planning your office relocation in California, the seamless the whole process will be. Give yourself enough time to organize the move, or hire an external professional company to do so.

Start searching early for a company to find one that is highly recommended and has excellent customer reviews. Searching for a company early also allows you to shop around for the best prices as well. Moreover, it gives you time to locate a company specializing in office relocation and know how to deal with office interior design and workforce transition.

Using an external company takes the burden off your shoulders. Of course, you are still in charge of the move, but the actual hard work is done by someone else.

But take extra care not to be scammed by a fraudulent moving company. Read more about moving scams here.

Transitioning Your Workplace

Office relocation is not just moving your business from place y to place x. It is about relocating your staff and your employees. Make sure your staff have plenty of notice and can adequately prepare for the move. Involve your employees in the process and make them feel that their opinion counts. After all, they are the ones who will be using the offices, so be sure to ask them what would work best: desk cubicles or open workspace?

Dealing with the relocation in a sensitive and empathetic manner will make the transition a whole lot easier for everyone. Workplace transitioning is a huge part of the relocation process and should not be taken lightly.

Consider your employees’ opinions and understand that the move may be emotionally difficult for them. Involving your staff in the relocation makes the entire journey run smoothly.

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