Are you planning to relocate to Charlotte? If so, this article gives you the ultimate guide to making this big step in your life successful.

Relocating to a new place is usually challenging. From hiring professionals to handling heavy household items, it can be back-braking. So, as a resident or non-resident, you require an ideal company that offers moving services in Charlotte NC.

Charlotte is a commercial hub located in North Carolina. It is also considered a flourishing business center and a great place to move to. This city has beautiful homes and apartments, museums, top district schools, and other striking amenities.

Types of Moving Services in Charlotte NC

Before moving to Charlotte, always choose a company offering the best moving service. Here are four essential factors to consider.

Residential Moving Services

Your household items need professional handling when moving. Fortunately, residential moving have all the necessary moving tools and equipment to guarantee no furniture, utensils, and décor damage.

The movers will disassemble, assemble, uninstall and install furniture after arriving at your new premise. Also, the ideal residential moving company in Charlotte have the correct moving trucks.

Commercial Moving Services

Its often back-breaking to relocate office equipment to a new place because of the fragile and bulk nature of the equipment. So you require professional movers who offer commercial moving services.

An ideal company that offers commercial moving services in Charlotte NC will safeguard your office items and complete the move within the set deadline. Furthermore, the relocation company will account for all the office data and logistics.

Storage Services

Several companies in Charlotte offer secure short-term and long-term storage space for household items before, after, or during relocation.

The best company offering moving services in Charlotte NC should offer 24/7 storage plans to store furniture, kitchenware, appliances, and other fragile household goods in the warehouses until the relocation period.

Other Services

Today, choose a company offering other essential moving services in Charlotte NC, guaranteeing satisfying results.

  • Pet relocation: Pet moving is another essential service to consider in any company that offers moving, especially during long-distance moves.
  • Vehicle moving: Vehicle moving is also an essential service to consider in a company offering moving in Charlotte. Ordinarily, it is challenging to move cars from one city to the other without the required documents.

The last essential moving service in Charlotte NC is cargo shipment. This applies to international relocation.

Moving Services

Here is a breakdown of the eight essential moving service that most relocation companies offer before, during, and after a move.

  1. Packaging & Unpacking services
  2. Cleaning services
  3. Vehicle transportation
  4. Installation of equipment
  5. Furniture assembling and disassembling
  6. Telecommunication uninstalling & installing
  7. Assorting
  8. Loading and off-loading household items

What Are Local & Long-Distance Moving Charlotte?

Understand local moving in Charlotte has 2 classifications: Relocating within a 50-mile radius and relocating more than a 50-mile radius. Thus, you need a company that offers secure and affordable local moving.

Long-distance moving can be inter-state or international. Inter-state moves involve state-to-state relocation: either from Asheville to Charlotte or Concord to Charlotte. International relocation is moving from another country to Charlotte, North Carolina.

What To Consider In A Local & Long Distance Relocation Service Company

  • Moving cost: The cost of moving to Charlotte depends on the quality, quantity, and nature of your preference.
  • Moving service in Charlotte NC should be affordable and reliable. Always compare the cost before calling the moving company.
  • Moving Supplies: Most relocation companies in Charlotte have the necessary moving equipment and tools that guarantee household protection. Your desired moving service in Charlotte NC Company should carefully handle furniture and kitchenware to avoid accidents.

Here is a breakdown to understand more.

Service Necessary tools required
Packing & Unpacking · Boxes

· Wrapping material

· Box cutter

· Duct tape

· Extension chords

· Hammer

· Furniture sliders

· Label marker

· Measuring tape

· Moving blanket and pads

· Nails, screws, nuts, and bolts

· Pliers

· Power drill

· Scissors

· Screwdriver

· Step ladder

· Utility knives

· Vacuum cleaner

Transportation · Moving straps and ropes

· Moving vehicles (trucks, cars, cargo)

· Moving dolly

· Ramp

· Rollers

Storage · Levelers and Lifts

· Dock Boards and Plates

· Ramps


Charlotte is an exciting destination to move to. Moving to a new place can be worrying if you intend to do it alone. Luckily, it will not be demanding if you consider an ideal moving service in Charlotte NC Company.

Similarly, moving to Charlotte requires professionals who guarantee efficient relocating services. A reliable moving service in Charlotte NC Company will ensure all your household items are handled with integrity, competence, and care.

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