There might be several faults you’ve been experiencing with your pipes lately. Often, these faults have varying degrees of severity and could need professional service. Imagine experiencing a sudden kitchen drain leak. You will need an emergency plumber to come to your aid very quickly.

There are various scenarios of your pipes’ dysfunction. In this article, we’ve sorted several of these cases and will be discussing them one after the other.

Common pipe issues

Pipe leaks

Pipe leaks are often commonly repaired problems by homes and facility owners. This might appear simple to fix, and you might want to take it up. But sometimes, it isn’t, and your intervention could complicate things further which includes breaking countertops while fixing the pipe.

To fix a leak in your pipe, you should close or seal water sources or channels to the pipe. It can be from the main reservoir or tank or turning the closest water valve off.

Once you know the leak point, the work at this spot hits its start. You can patch it up with a putty filler or a pipe clamp. If you use a potty, ensure it surrounds this point well and solidifies. On the other hand, for a clamp, you should meticulously place it to make sure the rubber gasket is on the leaking point. Afterward, tighten the clamp.

After doing either of these, turn on the water valve to check out for any leaks.

Pressure problems

Your pipe can be faced with either the problem of extremely high or low pressure de to which your toilet would swirl but won’t flush. Great pressures can stress your pipe joints and ultimately cause a sudden burst. However, a lower pressure can be due to a block. In this case, you might need to plunge your pipe.

Moreover, excessive water pressure in a pipe also can strain pipe joints. It’ll be a matter of time before they are detached from their attachments if pressure isn’t reduced.

Bad Installation

The poor layouts of your pipes can lead to future complications and cause you to need a plumber’s service. During the construction of your home, make sure you allow a professional to install your plumbing systems.


Your pipes can have a build-up of clogs. Clogs seal off the progressive movement of water in your pipe. It can be caused by debris, dirt, and different obstructive objects in your pipe. A common method used in getting off clogs is using a plunger.

Damaged joints

Pipes are often joined at angle points to control water flow. At these points, there might be damage. Sometimes these points might leak and also give several unusual noises. When this is noticed, there’s most likely an issue.


Corrosion is common in steel pipes. After some time, these pipes, if not well coated, get rusted and wear off. A corroded pipe contaminates its water content and can be detrimental to health. It’s hence important signs of pipe corrosion is addressed with the affected pipe changed.

In your home, you always be attentive to your plumbing needs and ensure they are fixed immediately. A seemingly simple issue might become a greater one if not attended to. Most importantly, it would be best if you looked for the services of qualified professionals.

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