Are you looking to enhance your garden space? Whether you are a homeowner who is wanting to bring back life to your outdoor area or just want to add more functionality so that you and your family utilise your exterior living space more, we have compiled 7 ways you can do this.

These features can be catered to suit all different types of homeowners, regardless of budget or if you want to entertain friends or create a more family-friendly area.

BBQ Area/ Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most popular ideas to enhance your garden and make the space more functional is through a BBQ area or outdoor cooking space. An exterior kitchen space doesn’t only have to be utilised when the weather is hot.

You can make use of a garden cooking space all year round through BBQs, pizza ovens or griddles. A kitchen area under cover can be used from summer to winter for parties and gatherings for you and your family to enjoy. This will ensure you are using your garden and can even instigate a fun family activity of cooking meals together.

Hot Tub

A great way to provide a serene atmosphere within your garden is by adding a hot tub to your space. A hot tub can be utilised in any season and is a perfect focal point of your outdoor area, which is relaxing and will help you unwind all year round.

A hot tub is a functional addition to your space, which suits all ages, whether you want to use it with your children for family time or as a couple or even for parties with friends. Many consumers put their hot tubs under a cover to be used in rain or snow.

Additionally, you can add a minibar or outdoor tv if your area is covered, creating an entertainment area perfect for gatherings. It is important to note that you should be cautious with the flooring you are placing your hot tub on; for example, wood decking can become extremely slippery around water and can cause a dangerous hazard.

Furthermore, it is more likely to rot than other materials, which makes it a bad choice for fitting a hot tub. A more suited flooring material would be composite, as not only is it a stronger, more durable material, but it is more resistant to moisture and won’t warp or rot when exposed to water from the hot tub.

Fire pit

Another popular option many homeowners choose to utilise when aiming to enhance their garden and create a more serene space is by adding the feature of a firepit. This feature can beautifully upgrade your garden and brighten up your space so that you can relax day or night in your serene outdoor space.

A fire pit provides a modern feel to any space and can bring back life to the area, making for a perfect spot for parties and gatherings with friends or family. A firepit can be used through any season and will ensure you are more likely to use the space you have invested in.

Play Area/ Children area

Are you sick of children’s toys cluttering your home? One way to add functionality to your exterior space and even create more space inside your home is to create a children’s play area outside. This way, you can safely watch your kids play whilst you are outside enjoying the sun.

Utilising an area for your children in your garden means saving space in your home on cluttered toys and playrooms, making it a great option for homeowners who live in smaller properties.

There are many various children’s play areas available both in stores and online with varying prices to suit all parents. You can even choose wooden climbing frames to blend with the surrounding environment or decking.

Recycle Old Material

If you are a homeowner on a budget, or just looking to save some money when upgrading your garden, a perfect way to do this is by creating garden features with composite decking or wood material.

You may already have completed a decking project and have leftover material which would be wasted otherwise. Alternatively, you can buy composite or wood materials for cheap if they have damaged lengths that can be cut smaller from suppliers, bringing down the cost of your material.

Not only can these boards be used for decking in your garden, but you can also create features such as benches, bird boxes or outdoor dog beds, providing functionality to the space. Furthermore, this option not only saves you money but will help the environment by recycling materials that would end up in landfills or burnt otherwise, increasing our carbon footprint.

Plant Flowers/ Create a Vegetable Garden

If you are a homeowner looking to bring back life to your outdoor space, a perfect way to do this is by planting more flowers and plants in your space. This is a useful option if you have a modern garden and want to create a more natural feel to the space and bring colour to a dull space.

This can be a beneficial option that can even be completed with old recycled materials to save money. You can even do a DIY project using composite or wood to create flower beds or boxes that improve drainage and ventilation for growing plants and vegetables.

Add garden furniture

An easy way to create a more functional space in your garden is simply by adding new garden furniture to change the aesthetic or theme of the area. Garden furniture can be expensive and not within your budget, so you could upholster second-hand furniture or even repaint your existing furniture.

It is best to choose garden furniture that will complement your surrounding area and ensure you and your family want to use the space more often. Adding a dining table outside will provide a space for hosting meals for friends and family in summer, and sofas will create a relaxing area that can be enjoyed in warm weather by your loved ones.

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