Beautiful Alanya attracts with its coastal lifestyle: beautiful landscapes, mountains, sea, etc. It sounds beautiful in the long run. Of course, those who move for a permanent residence do not regret moving at all. Most foreigners choose to live in Alanya than buy real estate for sale in Istanbul. However, as you live, negative sides are always inevitably revealed, even if it does not affect the decision, it will at least be additional information.


Electricity prices are inflated in Alanya, while there are power outages. There are also problems with gas. There is no central gas supply and heating, which in turn indicates poor heating of real estate in winter, so when choosing a property, it is worth giving preference to apartments where there is underfloor heating, and an additional number of heaters, hvac systems, air conditioners and other heating devices.

AIDAT is a kind of monthly payment for the maintenance of real estate. ADAT is not a minus, but in each residential development project the size of ADAT is different. In some areas it is quite high and unjustified. We advise you to specify the price before buying a property.

Alanya has a fairly strict system of payment for utilities. If you do not pay in due time, then a utility company turn off access to the service. Of course, in order to avoid a conflict, you can urgently pay your debt, but you also have to pay for the connection of the service.


Prices for gasoline, meat, seafood, alcohol, household appliances and mobile phones are high in Alanya. Besides, in restaurants and cafes, especially in tourist areas, prices are inflated. Taxi services in Alanya are also not the lowest. There are no network companies that offer taxi services at attractive prices, as well as there is no carsharing.

Lack of job opportunities for foreigners

Even if you received a residence permit when buying a property, this does not give you the opportunity to get a work visa. If you decide to open your own business, then be ready to comply with the law. There are very strict requirements for foreigners when doing business. Speaking about the rental business, it is important to know that here the owner cannot independently rent out housing for a short period of time. However, it is allowed to delegate the conduct of business to the management company.


From the point of view of architecture, the city is built up chaotically and does not have any clear style. Unfortunately, there is no historically significant architecture in Alanya. The buildings are built without observing the norms and rules of construction: from the bedroom window you can see a person from the neighboring building. In this regard, expats carefully choose real estate taking into account where their windows will go.


As you know, Alanya is a coastal resort town. From mid-April to mid-October, there are a lot of visiting tourists. The rest of the time hotels, shops and travel agencies are closed. For some people, this will be a plus: in winter, it’s just wonderful to enjoy the peace and quiet in Alanya.

Our assistance in choosing real estate in Turkey

Despite the disadvantages, Alanya is one of the most popular options for buying real estate in Turkey. If you know all the disadvantages of the city, you will carefully select real estate and take into account all the difficulties that may arise in the future. In order to protect yourself from an unsuccessful purchase, we recommend contacting a professional real estate agency Turk.Estate, the company’s staff will help you with the choice!

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