A well-kept roof is a vitally important part of everyone’s house. It keeps us safe and protects the structure, while also having an essential role in the exterior of the home. But, most people neglect the roof until something visible occurs like a leakage or more serious damage. However, to prevent such events people need to pay attention to the warning signs which indicate that the roof or ultradeck needs replacement.

So, the first thing to do is check for the obvious signs that indicate that the roof needs replacement and make a plan which will include determining the roof replacement cost. It’s good to know that a typical roof cost can vary depending on the materials and type of roof. If you are having trouble detecting the right signs here are 6 of them to help you make a decision.


This is one of the most serious and obvious signs that you should replace your roof as soon as possible. Ignoring roof leaks or giving them a quick fix might put other parts of the home at significant risk. Go up to the attic regularly to check for roof leaks, if possible right after a rainfall.

If you notice leaks on your ceiling or water running down the walls, this is a major sign that indicates damage has occurred. Persistent leaks damage the decking on the roof which can cost a lot. Remember that what first seems like a roof leak might often indicate a flashing issue. This may cause damage to your ceilings, walls, electrical system, and insulation.

Roof covering materials

Although there are different roof covering materials most often people use shingles or clay tiles. So, the next step in detecting damage is to go on the roof and take a close look at the shingles or tiles, to make sure they are lying flat against the roof. If you find patches that are cracked, curled, or missing it could be a sign that your roof needs immediate repair or replacement.

After a few years, the shingles might start to curl or break because of heat and moisture. This is often the result of poor attic ventilation or double layering. Some might agree that installing a second layer of roof material over the first one is the worst way to replace a roof because it will only shorten the life of the roof and it will cost more to remove two layers.

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Light coming from the attic

If you can see light coming through the roof, then you need to have the roof replaced. You can check for cracks simply by going to the attic and see if there is light coming through the roof. This is an indicator that you either have cracks or missing shingles and you should fix it right away.

The wind is often the cause for cracked shingles and if the cracks only appear on a few shingles, replacing them would solve the damage, but if there are more cracks dispersed randomly, then you need to think about changing all of them. This is also the reason for leaking on the roof which would cause further damage if not replaced on time.

Clogged gutters

Gutters not only keep water off of the roof but also prevent damage to the house. It is crucial to keep them clear of blockage, and it’s better to clean them at least twice a year. Remember to look for shingle granules or pieces of tiles when cleaning them, since this is a sign that there is a deteriorating roof.

It is best to observe the drainage after rain and you might notice a pile of shingle granules. Large amounts of granules indicate that the shingles are aging and worn down, and need replacement. This is pretty much one of the simplest signs that your roof needs fixing.

Moisture and mold

Moisture usually collects between the layers of the roof and causes mold and moss to grow, which will eventually kill the roof from the inside out. They easily spread between the tiny cracks of the shingles since these are damp and dark places that provide perfect conditions for them to grow.

Not only are they aesthetically unpleasant, but also this could lead to more serious roof damage over some time. So, as you regularly check for leakage and cracks, try to check for mold and moss since they can be unnoticeable at first glance. Bear in mind that this will also cause damage to the shingles which is something you would want to avoid.

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Age is a really good indicator that tells if you need a new roof. The typical lifespan of a roof is 20 to 25 years, and although it can last longer, it will eventually begin to break down. Namely, all of the things listed above can have a huge impact on the longevity of your roof.

Instead of waiting for the damage to appear, replace it on time so you can save yourself from a headache. You wouldn’t want the roof to start leaking regularly or worse – fall. If it was installed with good materials and properly, you can expect it to last for about 15 years or longer depending on the roof materials.

In closing

Remember to look for the obvious signs that indicate you will need a roof replacement. Even though roofs usually have a long lifespan, there will always be some factors that go into how long it would last, so don’t forget to regularly check if it’s in top shape. Also, try to make a wise financial decision that is in your best interest or you can also go for eco-friendly plumbing options. Deciding on a home improvement project is never easy, but if you are working with the right people then you won’t need to worry.

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