Many people out there think of becoming security guards. However, they don’t know what such an employee does and what it takes them to be so.

In this article, we will provide you with some information about this job requirement and the steps that

should be taken to become a guard, so that you know everything before you apply to any security guard services company.

What are the duties of a security guard?

Before, security guard duties were limited to carrying out their surveillance and protection work inside and in the vicinity of property and events. While today they can work at some other locations such as prisons and detention centers for foreigners.

Mainly guards should monitor to make sure everything is okay and intervene to prevent any suspicious activity such as robbery, fire, or anything else.

How can you be a security guard?

In fact, the requirements needed to be a guard might differ from one country to another. However many laws insist that a person should undergo an intensive training program before getting licensed as a security guard. The program includes some physical tests.

Also, working in this position requires other conditions that a person must meet:

  • To be between 18 and 55 years old.
  • Have no criminal record.
  • A certificate if they want to work as armed guards.
  • Some companies might require a little experience.
  • Have no chronic diseases such as respiratory issues.

Some companies might oblige applicants to undergo a quick short written test, to check their knowledge.

Some benefits of such a job

Employment opportunities

One of the benefits of becoming a security guard is that it opens up a wide range of employment opportunities. Job opportunities include guard positions in hospitals, schools, and government offices.

A security guard could also go into the private sector and serve as a bodyguard, perform security for private businesses, or guard property.

A good salary

Well working as a security guard, will never make you a billionaire with a Mastercraft boat. However, such a job can help people who are looking for a good salary feel satisfied with what they gain. For example, a security guard is paid about $16 per hour.

Other advantages

  • You will not worry about work time, as you can work both night and day shifts.
  • A guard will gain more experience as the security company will annually carry out several training courses to maintain said preparation.
  • Variety of work tasks and employment settings.
  • Flexible options for independent and teamwork settings.

Bottom Line

In general, private security guards ensure the protection of public and private facilities, private property, and residences. The vast majority of security guards are required to wear a uniform to identify them and allow them to create a sense of authority.

At some companies, candidates must take some form of training that can help prepare them for a career as a security guard. They will be introduced to courses such as weapons usage, investigative skills, CPR and first aid techniques, conflict resolution, and many more. Also, they might undergo some oral or written quizzes. And while training is not required, it would go a long way toward improving yourself by demonstrating your qualities when applying for a job.

Similar to each job, being a security guard has its advantages and disadvantages. Still, we advise you to look toward the positive side.

It is good to mention that a person who has been convicted of a violent crime, such as manslaughter, murder, arson, rape, kidnapping, or robbery will never be able to work as a security guard.

And you know some good information about this profession, are you going to apply for this position to start a new journey.

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