Selling Your Land in Florida? Here are 7 Ways to Attract the Right Buyers

Selling something is not an easy thing to do, especially if you need to sell a patch of land. Real estate is a really lucrative business (if you know what you’re doing), but it really needs you to have a strategy to use if you want to earn handsomely. One way is to attract the right buyers, not just a buyer, but the right one—think of this like you’re in a romance movie: you need to find the right one. If you are looking to sell land in Florida, there are 7 ways for you to attract the perfect buyers for your land!

Know and Choose Where to List

Selling something needs you to have a platform for you to tell others you’re selling something, and selling a patch of land in Florida is too. Knowing where to list your land is the first way to attract the right buyer. You can choose from:

  • Land Dealers
  • Local Classified Ads
  • Online Property Portals

If you’re a bit of an extrovert, you can talk with a land dealer to help you list your land with flood check hoses. If you’re someone who wants to use technology, you can get your land listed with local classified ads or in online property portals where people can conveniently see your listing.

Create a Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is a strategic marketing expert used to attract buyers left and right. It’s a bit complex, but it’s summarized into four words: be in their shoes. If you want to attract the perfect buyer and earn money, visualize and conceptualize what would they look for in a property; what would they do with the land; what would be their biggest advantage or disadvantage if they decide to acquire the land, and more.

Simply put, you need to be in their shoes for a minute and think about everything that a potential buyer might think about to help them decide.

Stage Your Land

They say first impressions last, and with property selling, it’s very true. Staging your land is pretty simple and straightforward: you just need to make sure that your property is presentable, neat, and outright beautiful. We, humans, are automatically attracted to something or someone we see as beautiful, and this is the same psychological reason why it is wise to stage your land for potential buyers to see.

Set Your Price

This step needs a bit of research on your end, and you have to do this very carefully or you either scare away potential buyers or you attract tons of them. Properties have prices, whether it’s a home or a patch of land you’re about to sell, they have prices. You need to set a price reasonably so you can attract buyers.

If you’re selling a patch of land, it may become more difficult than just simply selling a home. When you sell a home, you can get an idea by looking at other properties. When you sell a patch of land, it can become confusing and difficult since you have no pricing idea. So you need to do this very carefully.

Ask Your Neighbors

If you have neighbors, you can ask them if they’re interested in buying your land. Fairly simple, right? Doing this will allow you to get potential clients who may have been interested in your patch of land long ago, and this will allow for a faster transaction and turnover since the distance is close and you may have fostered rapport with your neighbor which helps ease the selling process.

Schedule Your Sale by the Season

Did you know that there are statistics that say buyers tend to buy properties more in the spring and early summer months?

You can use this to your advantage, but you need to study these statistics very well and make sure to tread this step slowly. Remember: you can speed up your selling journey or you can make it slow depending on how you handle this step.


If you don’t have the appropriate knowledge on how to attract the right buyers for your beautiful home, you can follow these steps to help you attract the perfect ones. First, you need to know where to list, create a buyer persona, and then beautify or stage your land, set the price right, ask the neighbors, and use seasonal buyer data to your advantage.

Do these and you’ll be able to attract buyers like a zombie horde coming your way. Good luck!

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