Turning your home into a sustainable living ground is getting more popular nowadays. It can help the environment become cleaner and livable for many people.

It also helps homeowners save money and live healthier lives. Imagine they buy less food, use fewer utilities, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Although it’s getting popular, there are still a lot of people who still need to start. They want to but need to figure out where to start. Thankfully, Blue Planet Green Living’s guides are here. They’re very informative and helpful for people who want a sustainable lifestyle.

The good news is that you can have a sustainable lifestyle right in your home. There are plenty of ways to do that, and we’ll share some practical tips with you in this article.

Let Your Clothes Enjoy The Sun

One big piece of appliance is right there in your house. Not only does it use a lot of electricity, but it also contributes heat inside your home. Dryers can help us as we don’t need to wait long to dry our newly washed clothes.

Although they can help us, they are causing more damage than good.

For instance, they consume a lot of energy. Imagine turning your dryers on for hours. Your electric bill is skyrocketing. Another one is that it could damage your clothes. Since your clothes are exposed to extreme heat, they could shrink and tear apart.

Instead of using dryers, we have an all-natural solution, and it’s free – the sun!

You need to place a clothes rack or lining on your terrace, rooftop, yard, or any other open space and let the sun do its power in drying your clothes.

Grow Your Food

Growing your food doesn’t mean you need a huge land. Having land can be advantageous, but you can plant in pots if you live in a small space. For instance, you can grow fresh herbs, tomatoes, or spices in your building.

Planting vegetables can save you a lot of money. You don’t need to buy ingredients in the grocery store. The best part about it is that you know that it’s good because you grow them yourself.

Growing your food eliminates the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Whether indoor or outdoor, your garden will help clean the air, giving your space better air quality.

Also, exploring healthy recipes is a beneficial way to grow your food. You can enjoy homegrown produce bursting with flavor and nutrition, trying out healthy recipes. Growing your food will not only give you access to fresher, more nutrient-rich ingredients, but it also gives you greater control over what goes into your body. Plus, you’ll have complete assurance that every ingredient is free from unwanted chemicals

You can start with something small and slowly work your garden out. Adding a vegetable plant will change your lifestyle even if you live in a small apartment.

Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

Household appliances are investments. They can make our lives comfortable and convenient. You don’t need to endure the summer heat, thanks to the a/c.

The downside of using appliances is that it adds to your utility bills. Once you start using them, you’d pay more. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend tons of money. One of the best things about technology is that most appliances have energy-saving features.

You’ll enjoy the same power but with less electricity or water consumption.

You need to note that energy-saving appliances may cost more than regular ones, but they are worth it as they are cost-effective. Imagine paying for less but with more power.

Keep Your Appliances Well-Maintained

Since your appliances are investments, you must ensure that they are clean and regularly maintained. Large appliances require regular cleaning service, usually once every six months, to ensure efficiency.

If you take your appliances for granted, they’ll consume more energy. For instance, if your air conditioner is too dirty, it’ll use more power to keep the room cool.

Keeping your appliances well-maintained doesn’t only help you with the utilities and prolongs their lifespan, saving you more money.

The good thing about maintaining your appliances is that you can do them yourself. If you find the method quite challenging or need more time, you can call the manufacturer, as they usually offer home service.

Dine in Instead of Eating Out

Food is one of the most critical items inside your home. We tend to buy food that sometimes we forget we have. Have you ever bought food but haven’t eaten them? Probably, yes. As a result, you’ll end up throwing them in the trash. Just imagine adding another pile to the increasing food waste.

Eating in the comfort of your home is highly beneficial for the environment. There will be less food waste. At the same time, food packages will reduce as fast food restaurants use plastic and cardboard to wrap their foods, especially for takeaways.

Another benefit of dining in your home is choosing the ingredients yourself. You know exactly how much you’ll need, and adjust the flavor according to your preferences. That’ll give you more savings and make your meal more cost-effective.

Sum Up

Having a sustainable lifestyle is genuinely beneficial for the community and the family. You’ll save costs, get a healthier lifestyle, and keep the earth clean. You can always begin at your home if you need help figuring out where to start.

You can do this in many ways, such as planting your food, switching to energy-efficient appliances, and much more. Follow the tips above, and you can surely start a sustainable home.

Sarah Martinez

Sarah Martinez holds a Master’s in Lifestyle Journalism from Columbia University, focusing her 16-year career on lifestyle transformations and cultural insights. Since joining our editorial team in 2020, Sarah has provided her readers with tips on creating fulfilling lifestyles, mindfulness practices, and self-improvement strategies. Her background includes roles in lifestyle magazines and as a freelance writer. In her leisure time, Sarah is an amateur photographer and a participant in local storytelling events.

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