The roof is the first layer of protection for your house and for your family.

Built up roofing, also known as the BUR, is a roofing material that is often used on low-slope and flat roofs.

  • Even though built up roofing requires a regular checkup, it is still a low maintenance roofing system due to its low profile of using superficially similar materials. It is installed in large sheets using simple applications compare to architectural shingles.
  • As built up roofing is designed with a layer of bitumen, ply sheets, and surfacing materials, it provides multi-layer protection with strong density. This provides great insulation compare to other methods, keeping your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter. The multiple layers of sheet-like materials make the moisture harder to get under the roof and inside the house. It is a beneficial roofing system suitable for rainy regions.
  • Not many people know but built up roofing system gives fire protection. Ballasted asphalt provides fire protection.
  • Most problems are easily fixed by adding a layer of cement. Most damages are shown as blisters, ripples in the surface, cracks, and more. These damages are mild and easily fixable compare to other methods where you would need a professional roofer to repair it properly.

Know Your Built Up Roofing Warranties

When reading through the built up roofing warranties, make sure to check two things: manufacturer warranty and contractor’s warranty. Manufacturer warranty covers any defect that could’ve occurred during the production of roof membranes. Reading National Roofing Contractors Association’s advisory could help you to understand the built up roofing material warranties better. Make sure the contractor provides a certificate for your files. The contractor’s own warranty guarantees the quality of workmanship while installing the built up roofing. This protects against any issues associated with the installation. Make sure all items are covered under warranty and know what is not covered. Most warranties are covered for one to two years.

Built up roofs are suitable for low-slope and flat roofs, ensuring the benefit of multi-layer protection. Even though it requires regular checkups and replacement of coating once in a few months, built up roofing has been used in America for more than 100 years. If you are looking for professional roofing contractors feel free to visit


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