If you want to enhance the aesthetics of your house, choosing the right windows is essential, especially for a living room since it is the heart of your home.

Your new living room windows must be not only energy-efficient and easy to operate but also match your house exterior and boost the property value.

That is why we have reached out to Ecoline, Vancouver window replacement specialists, and asked everything related to picking the best living room windows. So now we are ready to share this with you. Interested? Keep reading.

Best Window Styles for Your Living Room

Vancouver is known for great views, so the first aspect most homeowners pay attention to is a huge glass area of a new window. And since not all of the window types can fulfill this requirement, the following window styles will be the best match for your house:

  • Picture Windows

When you want huge glass areas or big units in general, picture windows are perhaps the first option that pops up in your mind and probably matches with your mastercraft door. And for a good reason since these windows are the best pick for living room installation.


  • Big windows with clear, unobstructed views outside
  • Add more natural light
  • Superb energy efficiency
  • Easy cleaning


  • Non-operable hence no ventilation
  • Expensive

Picture windows would be the best choice for most homeowners, but be sure to consider your budget since these units are not the cheapest option to go with.

  • Bay or Bow windows

One of the most trendy options for living room windows are bay or bow windows. They are several standard window styles mixed into one perfect combo to match your exterior ideally.

Bay windows usually go with a picture window in the center coupled with two double-hung windows on its sides, while bow windows feature 4 or 5 units joined together in a curved shape.

The main reason Vancouver homeowners choose these units is because of their unique aesthetics. But since bay or bow window replacement is usually a huge project, it requires a large rough opening and correct measures made by professionals.

  • Casement windows

This is a pretty straightforward decision to take if you do not want something extravagant. Casement windows with LoE glazing are very traditional units but super reliable. They operate similar to doors and ensure excellent energy efficiency and aesthetics.


  • High Energy-efficiency
  • Easy to operate
  • Very secure
  • Provide optimal ventilation
  • Affordable


  • Do not bring a unique touch

What else to consider when choosing the best living room windows?

Well, when you are sure about the window style you want, what’s left is to customize it. Do you want double or triple glazing? Which hardware would you prefer? Would you need blinds or shutters? While or these are essential questions to ask, the main things to remember are:

  • Energy efficiency

Purchasing energy-efficient windows is vital. You want to cut down on your energy bills, right? Then be sure to buy only Energy Star-rated units that comply with the industry standards and bring you the maximum value in terms of energy efficiency.

  • Deal with a reliable window company

Installing your new windows correctly is as important as buying good units. And it is definitely not a DIY project. That is why you have to find reliable Vancouver window installation experts to do the job for you. Before signing the window replacement contract, make sure to check whether your preferred installers follow the CSA guidelines and your local codes, have a perfect reputation and needed skills to complete your project with no issues.

The Bottom Line

Good living room windows are essential for any house just like your refrigerator or television. Choosing and installing the right units will definitely bring you extra comfort, peace of mind and a boost in the price for your home in Vancouver. That is why it is crucial to decide on the right window style, purchase energy-efficient units and then install them correctly. Take care!

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