We all are aware of the importance of making the first impression great. Believe it or not, the front door plays a significant role in the home’s first impression and adds charm to your house, and enhances the house’s curb appeal

Mastercraft is one of the leading door manufacturers in the USA. Mastercraft doors are made by Midwest manufacturing, a company owned by Menards Inc.

Menards has its headquarters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It is a chain of home improvement stores owned by John Menard Jr., also the founder of this company.

It has around 335 stores in 15 states of the country. Menards is the third-largest home improvement chain behind The Home Depot and Lowe’s.


The founder of the Menards incorporation, John Menard, was the eldest of eight children. He studied at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

He started his business by making pole barn in college. He saw vast potential in the construction business and grab this opportunity, and he started expanding his business.

He bought wood in bulk and then further sold it to builders who found it challenging to find materials on weekends when lumberyards were closed.

After a decade, building supplies generated most of his revenue. A few years later, he sold the business’s construction end and focused more on the building material.

The company’s later products were easy to assemble and did not require any professional assistance assembling.

Menards stores featured wide aisles, tile floors, and easy-to-build shelves. This contributed significantly to the company’s growth.

Menards Company follows Midwestern folk’s beliefs and values. The company is known for its well-maintained stores that focus majorly on customer satisfaction.

They provide a wide variety of doors; whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY person, they have something for everyone.

Their customer-friendly services and how customers are treated like family in their stores mainly separates them from their competition.

Midwest Manufacturing

midwest manufacturing

MasterCraft doors are manufactured and distributed across the nation by Midwest manufacturing. Menards Inc owns a company. The company is known for its excellent quality interior as well as exterior doors.

The materials used for constructing these doors include steel, vinyl, fiberglass, and solid wood. Midwest manufacturing is in the door-making business since 1969. The company started its business from a truss plant in Eau Claire, WI.

With the growth of the company, more production plants and products were added. They manufacture Mastercraft interior and exterior doors and Ultradeck composite decking and fencing, treated lumber, concrete blocks, floor trusses, quartz, and laminate countertops.


Midwest manufacturing’s excellent quality products and continual growth have contributed to becoming the largest suppliers of building materials in the entire Midwest.

The other important factor that separates this company from its competition is the price at which they offer their products. They are known to provide reliable products at a great price.


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