Outdoor living is becoming a hot lifestyle trend, especially as most people spend more time and work from home. Expanding and upgrading the outdoor spaces of your home is a good idea as you can make it look as good as your home’s interior.

One perfect way to do this is by using outdoor curtains. You can extend your living space on the patio or garden beautifully and comfortably using outdoor curtains. They are not only good for cover but can be very stylish, and there is a wide range of partners and colors you can choose from.

When shopping for outdoor curtains, choosing a suitable material is vital as you need them to be appealing and durable. Where or how you plan on using the curtains is also something to consider.

We will be giving you pro outdoor spaces tips to make you feel as good outside as you do inside your home.

Materials for Outdoor Curtains

While upgrading the outdoor spaces of your home, keep in mind that these curtains will be exposed to the elements. The best outdoor curtains are made with fabric that can withstand these elements.

Go for curtains that will dry up quickly and are UV and water-resistant or waterproof.

  • Olefin Outdoor Curtains

Olefin curtains are made of synthetic fiber taken from polyolefins. This makes it perfect for the outdoors as the fabric is light, soft, waterproof, UV resistant, relatively affordable, easy to clean and no matter how hot the sun is, they hardly fade.

  • Acrylic Outdoor Curtains

These outdoor curtains are made from acrylonitrile which is a synthetic polymer and will look great with the foundation plants on the front door. They are resistant to fading and dry up quickly. Acrylic outdoor curtains are produced in many patterns and colors.

The only disadvantage to these curtains is that they build up a static charge that collects particles making the curtains accumulate dirt faster.

  • Polyester Outdoor Curtains

Polyester outdoor curtains are some of the most popular and most affordable in the market. Polyester is petroleum made from synthetic material. Blends of polyester yarns are woven into the cloth to make the fabric.

Though affordable, they run a short lifespan. This fabric fades quickly and cannot withstand elements like other expensive fabrics.

  • Outdoor Canvas Curtains

Canvas is known for its coarse texture, sturdiness and durability. This is because the fabric is made from heavy-duty woven fabric. Outdoor canvas curtains absorb a lot of water. It would be best to put them away on a rainy day.

To make these curtains water-resistant, the canvas is blended with synthetic fiber. Choose outdoor canvas curtains combined with synthetic fiber to avoid moving them in whenever it rains.

Waterproof and Water-resistant Outdoor Curtains

Waterproof curtain fabrics create a complete barrier to water, while water-resistant ones can resist water penetration but not entirely. You can buy a fabric water repellant coating for your curtains which should be reapplied often according to the manufactures instructions to enhance their waterproof ability.

Outdoor curtains must be waterproof to avoid mold growth on Therma Tru doors, affecting the curtains’ appearance and lifespan. Always go for materials like acrylic and olefin, which are more waterproof than cotton, which will absorb lots of water and take longer to dry.

Another good thing about outdoor curtains is that they are impervious to water is that they allow you to enjoy your outdoor space in less ideal weather conditions.

Outdoor Curtain Headings

You may choose to hang your outdoor curtains with or without a rod. Without rods, you can install curtain panels using flat and rigid fabric. With rods, there are two main curtain headings you can use, tab top and grommet.

Tab top outdoor curtains are light and casual, while outdoor grommet curtains are modern and elegant.

  • Tab top

Tab top curtains are made with loops on the top and are easy to install and slide on the curtain rod. The loops allow you to move the curtains to either end, making closing and opening the curtains straightforward.

Velcro tab top outdoor curtain fabric is easy to move on the rod. The tabs allow you to take the curtains off the rod without taking the rod down. The tabs also have room for adjustment, and you can make them longer or shorter.

  • Grommet

Outdoor grommet curtains come with metal rings punched on the top, and they slide on the rod easily as the rod goes through them. Opening and closing grommet curtains is more effortless, making them last longer.

There are also double grommet outdoor curtains with rings at the top and bottom. This helps as the curtain will not blow away, maintaining your privacy on a windy day.

One way to hang curtains is with grommets that slide on a curtain rod. Outdoor grommet curtains have metal rings punched through the top. The rod goes through the rings and the curtain can slide on the rod. They are easy to open and close and the rigid grommets make the curtain more durable.

Outdoor grommet curtains have neat, even, and well defined pleats. They are elegant, classy, and appropriate for most applications. The stiffer fabrics used in outdoor applications give outdoor grommet curtains a crisp and clean look.

Double grommet outdoor curtains have one set of grommets on the top and a second set on the bottom. By threading the top grommets on one rod and the bottom grommets on another rod you can create a different look. A double grommet outdoor curtain won’t blow around in the wind.

The Appearance of Outdoor Curtains

Colors and patterns define and appeal to who we are. When selecting your outdoor curtains, these should apply to give you the best feel. Whether you want them light or heavy, the appearance does matter. Here is an example of outdoor sheer light weight curtains.

  • Striped Outdoor Curtains

These are the best outdoor curtains to use when you want your outdoor space to feel like a room. Striped outdoor curtains complement the color designs of your décor.

  • Floral and Nature Prints

Floral and nature print fabrics for your outdoor curtains complement your garden, the jungle, and any other natural component and are easy to the eyes.

  • Plain and Textured Curtains

If you like playing safe, plain colors complement patterns easily and can stand independently. To avoid too much sunlight, go for darker shades and brighter colors for more light.

Outdoor Curtains for Different Places

Keep in mind what space you plan to use the outdoor curtains on.

If they are for the porch, you may want to choose light curtains that don’t block the light to the inside of your house. You should also select outdoor curtains with privacy for your porch because it is pretty visible from the streets.

Patio outdoor curtains act as an extension to your home with indoor curtain beads. Choose decorative curtains that will complement your indoor décor, making it feel like one of the rooms in your house.

Spaces further away need waterproof outdoor curtains as they need more protection from the weather. If they are for a gazebo, waterproof curtains will help you keep outdoor furniture and food dry.

Please make the most out of your outdoor spaces at home with these outdoor curtains, and don’t forget all the critical factors you need to consider before purchasing them.

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