Rising temperatures and unpredictable weather are making many people, especially those who live in skyscrapers, to rethink their window treatments. For a no-frill, all-chill window treatment, many homeowners today prefer blackout roman shades. Yet, it’s not surprising that many are not aware of the umpteen benefits of a blackout shade, besides its ability for room darkening. So, if you want to know the top reasons to buy blackout roman shades, this article is a must-read for you.

Both, the scalloped relaxed roman shades and the matter-of-fact flat fold shades, offer streamlined options for fabric window treatments, as compared to drapes. Yet, for maximum convenience with minimum decor – the crux of minimalism, ensuring a blackout lining for the shade is apt.

For a truly minimalist single-layer treatment, go for blackout fabrics which are now available in bright colors and varied designs. Only, the array of choices might be narrower than non-blackout fabrics. So in these cases, you can choose to line your non-blackout shades with blackout lining at the back. But whether you choose a shade made of a blackout fabric or a shade with a blackout lining, the benefits are just the same. And you will thank yourself for this choice all through the year, not just in summers. Here’s why:

1. Room darkening effect

A dark room is all one needs for peaceful zzzz’s – some say. Only napping babies and night-hustlers know how important room darkening is for a sleep-friendly ambiance. Blackout shades do not let light pass through because of their thick weave. It’s much to thank for even during nights for many get disturbed even by the lights of the skyline or the neighboring street lamp. So, put off the lights and you’ll be immediately in a black-hole-like space….sleep tight.

2. Sound absorption

Cloth absorbs sound, but blackout shades do a considerably better job of it because of their heavy weight and dense structure. They deaden the sounds by refracting the sound waves, cutting down the effect and the echoes to a great degree. In homes with wooden floors and noisy kids, this quality of the blackout roman shade can be quite a blessing. They also guarantee a more efficient acoustic performance in the media room and a distraction-free space in study rooms, nurseries and bedrooms.

3. Protection of furniture and textile elements

The furniture pieces, upholstery, and rugs near the huge windows are bound to warp and fade due to the continuous exposure to sunlight. But if your blackout custom curtains or roman shades can save you from the scorching heat, they can also save your valuable household goods from premature weathering. Extend their lifespan and make the most of your hard-earned money spent for the interior decor. If your window treatments are sewn with delicate and expensive materials like silks, they’d especially benefit from blackout lining behind them. Your silk roman shades therefore will last far longer than unlined window treatments.

4. Control on room temperature

The thermal coating of the shade does two good things: block excess heat from entering the house and block indoor heat from exiting the room. It’s a two-for-one offer. Blackout roman shades make your summers cooler and your winters warmer. Window treatments that can minimize the impact of the extreme weather conditions on your home and family are but some of the most beneficial inventions of our times.

5. Savings in power bills

Since blackout roman shades are going to do a splendid job of balancing the room temperature, you can spend less on artificial heating during winter and artificial cooling during summer. With high performance blackout fabrics, you can expect up to 25% reduction on your electricity consumption. Why not save those precious bucks for a long awaited vacation instead?

6. Enhanced Privacy

Since blackout fabrics don’t let even a shadow out, you get complete privacy by using a blackout roman shade. In fact, it’s hard to know whether the lights in the room are on or off when the shade is down. This was the initial purpose for which some countries during war used blackout fabrics at their doors and windows. So, you can believe beyond doubt how true this claim is.

A Tip to Make the Most of a Blackout Roman Shade

If you want to get maximum benefit of the blackout function of the shade, mount it outside the window and not within its recess. Let its coverage be around 6-7 inches beyond the window frame on all sides. This way, you can contain the light and air leaks from the edges.

In summary..

If you ever thought that roman shades were only meant to provide privacy and light control at minimum and be decor aids at maximum, we hope that this article has purged you of that myth. Blackout roman shades are a perfect blend of form and functionality. And you don’t have to make your home melancholic if you go for blackout as was the case with those olden shady hues. Bright and tangy, cozy and soothing, blackout roman shades are out there to cater to every kind of taste. So, don’t think twice, just get them home.

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