Purchasing a washing machine could be a little bit expensive but they make laundry easy which makes it worth the sacrifice. Washing machines have saved lots of people the stress of washing difficult clothes with their hands. Not just that, they have greatly helped in saving people a lot of time which they would have spent in washing the clothes.

Purchasing a washing machine requires going in for the ideal model that can handle one’s needs and their budget. It is normal to get confused on which model to pick since there are so many machines to pick from. However, following these tips will help in clearing some of those doubts.

Decide on the machine type

Well, there are basically two types of washing machines, the fully automatic and semi-automatic. The major difference between the two as most washing machine technician will state is that, the semi-automatic machines come with two tubs-one meant for washing and the other for drying.

This machine requires some intervention during the washing process of inter-switching the clothes between the wet and dry tub. While the automatic requires no effort or intervention from the user as they just need to load their clothes in the machine and wait for the completion sound to take it out when it’s already dry. Washing machine from non-he washers is also a great option for a efficient one.

Top load or front load

There are two main types of washing machines – the top load and the front load. The easiest way to spot their difference is the manner in which the doors are placed. For the top load, the machine has to be loaded from the top while the front load requires the clothes to be loaded from the front or a side of the machine.

Choosing the right size and capacity

Before making that decision, it is always important to check the size and capability of the washer tub before purchasing the machine. It is also good to figure out the highest weight of clothes the machine can sustain in one round. The sustainable weight for each cycle according to washing machine technicians always range from 5 to 10 kgs
The fastest way to figure this out is to determine the type of clothes that will be washed in the machine. If the user intends to wash things like bed covers, comforters and other big items, it is important to go in for a machine with a wider capacity.

Material of the washing tub

Another vital tip to follow when purchasing a washing machine is the material of the tub. Generally, tubs are manufactured using stainless steel, strong plastics or porcelain enamel. With respect to the fact that enamels tend to rust, plastics always seem like a better choice. Nonetheless, if in search of the best, stainless steel will always be the best option to get. They are way stronger than plastics and they can withstand high spinning speeds.

Safety features

While purchasing a washing machine, it is always vital to think about the safety features and here are a couple of them to look out for.

  • Make sure they have child lock
  • Enable it has an auto restart button
  • Should have a water control feature
  • Overheating control
  • Rodent Protection
  • Don’t install it on your ultardeck
  • Should be stable when washing
  • It should have a choice for spin speed
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