The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that American women spend 2.25 hours daily doing house chores, while men spend 25 minutes doing the same. Fortunately, utilizing cleaning services  changes the equation and saves you money. It might sound paradoxical because hiring a professional cleaner means spending money.

However, getting the right cleaning suitor saves you more money than you spend on them. Do you want to learn how? Keep reading this post to the end to discover how.

1. Through Bonded Insurance

First, choosing a professional service provider saves you cash through bonded insurance. Some homeowners assume that hiring self-employed cleaners is cheaper. However, they forget to consider that many of these service providers aren’t bonded or insured.

So, what are the risks, and what is at stake when you fail to hire a duly registered and insured company? First, the independent cleaner is still human. Therefore, they can make costly mistakes during cleaning. If they break or damage items in your house like the kitchen countertop or the vase you got from your trip to Japan, who will pay for that? It’s obvious that you can’t hold them legally liable for the loss. Thus, you have to pay for the loss they caused while cleaning your house.

Additionally, the cleaner might get hurt while cleaning your house. In such cases, who should bear the cost of their injuries? You would carry the cost, especially if the cleaner didn’t have workman compensation cover. Are you ready to incur such costs if a cleaner slips or falls while cleaning your home? Definitely, wisdom dictates that you should avoid all such unnecessary and crippling expenses at all costs.

Fortunately, hiring a professional saves you all these unnecessary expenses. A professional house cleaning company takes financial and legal responsibilities for all the above costs an independent cleaner might cause you. Don’t forget that some states require you to pay for insurance when paying for independent house cleaners, burdening you with more costs!

2. No Need to Buy and Stock Cleaning Supplies

Second, hiring a registered company to offer you house cleaning services saves you money because you don’t need to buy cleaning supplies. High-quality cleaning products and tools produce a safer and healthier home and stay away from problems like toilet swirling but not flushing. However, these benefits don’t come for free. You will have to pay for them dearly if you decide to do without a cleaning company.

The best side of hiring a professional is that they have every logical reason to invest in expensive tools. The reason is that they use them often to generate profits. But how would you benefit if you invested (or wasted) your limited cash buying such tools and cleaning products? Additionally, these cleaners buy their supplies in bulk, thus saving money on their purchases. Therefore, it makes a lot of economic sense to spend a little cash to let these professionals enable you to save and earn more money.

3. More Time to Make MORE Money

Third, hiring a professional cleaning company gives you more time to earn more money. The reason is that you can’t earn from your gifts and talents without sufficient time to use them. Thus, a person who frees your time to work actually helps you earn more and more conveniently.

Well, you may reason that an average household spends somewhere between $120 and $150 on their weekly cleaning needs. Moreover, these costs can go up, depending on your home’s size and any additional services you might opt for. But the equation changes when you look at it based on how much you could earn. Take the example below.

If you earn $100 hourly, and you need five hours to clean your home, it would cost you $500 to do so. If you do it four times monthly, you will spend $2,000 on cleaning. Meanwhile, hiring a cleaner weekly to do the job for you would cost you a maximum of $150, totaling a maximum of $600 monthly. Eventually, the cleaner would save you $1,500 monthly.

4. Structural Damage Prevention

Fourth, hiring professional cleaners saves you money through structural damage prevention. For instance, hiring them regularly ensures that moisture in the bathroom doesn’t damage it because they clean it on time. You could have incurred repair costs if you didn’t allow them to perform such essential preventive routine services.

Paying for house cleaning services pays you in many different ways. For example, it saves your house costly structural damage and frees your time to make more money. It also saves you the need to buy or store expensive cleaning supplies. Take advantage and get the most out of your limited cash reserves.

Emma Chen

Emma Chen holds a degree in Public Health from the University of Washington and has dedicated 13 years to promoting healthy and sustainable cleaning practices. Since joining us as a freelancer in 2020, Emma has shared her expertise in non-toxic cleaning solutions, indoor air quality, and allergen reduction. Her experience includes working in community health programs and as a health educator, which shows in her writing. Emma is a yoga instructor in her free time and participates in community clean-up drives.

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