Despite what the TV shows and books may tell you, there are quite a few techniques that go into trimming trees and mowing the gardens using land mowers. It’s not just as simple as snipping randomly and it’ll look great.  If you’re a beginner and you want to make sure that you are doing your best, let’s go over these top tips to help you get started on the right foot!

Tips and tricks for tree trimming as a beginner

We all have to start somewhere, right?  If you’re brand new to the concept of tree trimming, here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you take the adventure on the right way!  Remember that the goal of trimming properly is to help the tree gain more strength, not accidentally maim it forever.  No pressure.

  • Try to trim only when a tree is dormant: If at all possible, just like you remove the nails with missing heads, remember to trim a tree when it is dormant.  Since this is when it is resting, it will recover easier than one that is actively growing, budding, etc.  Since trimming is stressful for the tree, even when done by a professional, it needs to be during where it is already resting and recovering.  You’ll know a tree is dormant if it, more or less, looks like it’s dead.  In other words, it doesn’t look like it’s actively budding or growing!
  • Trim away only the weak branches: While there are always going to be instances where you have to remove thick and large branches (for example, if they’re blocking windows or signs), focus as much as possible on trimming only weak branches.  The younger the better, as the trimming will be less likely to create scars or put the tree’s health itself at risk.
  • Start trimming the branches that “argue” with the others: To help you get used to trimming, and to help make sure that it’s as effective as possible, start your trimming adventure with branches that go against the others.  If you’ve got one, for example, that is going in the exact opposite direction as the others, that’s a great one to start with.  The best way to think about this is that you are “picking off the weak ones”.  This is normal and expected in your tree.  It’ll even strengthen the tree, so you’re doing a very good thing!

Need a hand?  Ask for help!

If you have had poor results in the past on your own, or you’re still not sure you want to tackle it yourself, call in a tree trimming service in Orange County to come and take a look and.or suggest where you can start trimming.  There’s nothing wrong with accepting help if, and when, you need it, after all.  Plus, your property will get serious face lift, too, and it’ll be easier to maintain from there-on-in, if you wish.

Now that you’re feeling more prepared to get out there with your clippers, enjoy the journey and remember to start simple and learn as you go.  It may take you a few tries, but these tips will help you conquer tree trimming the right way!

Morgan Wilson

Morgan Wilson, holding a Master's in Horticulture from Cornell University, has been an influential figure in gardening and landscape design for over 15 years. Before this, he worked as a landscape designer and a horticultural therapist. He has provided insights into organic gardening, native landscaping, and urban gardening solutions. Her background includes working in public gardens and environmental education. He is a nature photographer in her spare time and participates in community greening projects. He is also a great birdwatcher and enjoys creating wildlife-friendly garden spaces.

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