Do you have a room in your house, like a spare bedroom, used as a storage facility rather than a functional space? So often, when people move into a new home, the unused space room becomes a dumping ground for non-urgent and unneeded items that never see the light of day again like bathroom lamps or old furniture.

However, even if you don’t need a spare bedroom, this does not mean you can’t turn your extra room into something more productive.

No rules say you must use a room for what it states on the house plans, so get creative and turn your unused room into a space where you can create, entertain, keep fit, relax, or have some alone time.

Read on to see ways to transform your home by morphing unused space into the rooms you need.

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Spare Bedrooms

An unused spare bedroom is often where things are thrown when performing speed cleanups for unexpected guests or used as a final resting place for unwanted or unused items.

A spare bedroom gives you a lot of scope for transformation, as it already has everything you need to create a functional space, such as:

Other potentially unused spaces, like attics and basements, may not have these utilities already, meaning you may need to pay a trade professional to create the area you want.

So, what can you do with a spare bedroom besides boxes or a bed? Read on for some inspiration.

Games room

Do you have kids that are constantly fighting over the TV? One wants to play their favourite games while the other wants to binge on Netflix? Are you struggling to get some couch time yourself?

Why not save the fighting and claim back your lounge space by transforming your spare room into a games and entertainment room?

Online and social media marketplaces are treasure troves for affordable, quality electronics goods. For next to nothing by today’s standards, you can pick up two smaller flatscreen monitors for the kid’s consoles, meaning you could set up more than one gaming station with a few beanbags and some clever interior design.

Throw them in with some headphones and gain some quiet time! A games room is not just for kids! Setting up an adult’s gaming room can be a great way to reduce clutter in the lounge and allow others in the home to use the Main TV while you get lost in your favourite pastime.

Create a home office

A spare bedroom is a perfect place to build a home office. After the global COVID lockdowns of the 2020s, many people have had to adapt to a work or study from home model.

Setting up an ergonomic home office could save you a lot of future neck and back pain after spending the last few years hunched over on the couch or coffee table. This is another spare room project that can be completed cheaply by shopping on online marketplaces.

A table, ergonomic office chair, a second monitor and some houseplants can be all you need to create a dream home office; from there, the sky’s the limit.

Need some storage shelves? Take the doors off your built-in robes, rearrange your shelving, and voila! There is an open set of shelves for your books, hard drives, manuals, work procedures, paperwork and study books.

And if there happens to be an ensuite, you just got the keys to your very own executive bathroom; and you deserve nothing less!

Art, craft, or music room

Are you a budding musician who is ready to record your magnum opus? Are you handy with crafts and creations? Maybe you dabble with a brush and paint on canvas?

You can transform any spare room into a permanent creative space for artistic people, no matter your creative endeavour.

This could include creative spaces such as:

  • Mini recording studio
  • Music practice room
  • Craft and sewing room
  • Jewellery making studio and much more

If you have thin walls in your home, you may consider installing some soundproofing if you decide to make a music room. This will keep sound from escaping the room while also improving the sound quality within the room.

Walk-in closet

If your spare room is sitting there doing nothing, but your bedroom closet is about to explode, why not turn your redundant space into the ultimate walk-in robe?

A whole bedroom is enough space for clothes racks, shoe racks, and even a make-up table and chair. If there is already a built-in robe, you can vacuum pack out of season fashion between the warmer and cooler months to save space.

Endless possibilities

Transforming an unused spare room into something functional takes some imagination without limitation. You can use the rooms in your home for anything you like.

Other ideas include:

  • Gym or yoga space
  • Meditation room
  • Bicycle workshop
  • Martial arts dojo
  • Home theatre and more

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