You probably don’t realize the essential role boilers play in your home as they work in the background. They help you to keep your home warm in the winter and to make sure you have hot water every morning. But as essential as they are, they don’t last forever and will need to get a new boiler at some point in time.

When you get a new boiler, it’s an investment for your home that pays itself off in your home’s comfort and warmth. You can expect the average lifespan of a new boiler to be 10-15 years.

Over time, your boiler may even start to give you warning signs that it is wearing down. Some signs could be more obvious such as a leak or running out of hot water regularly. Other signs can be more subtle, such as corrosion inside the boiler or a slight eggy odor. Nonetheless, these warning signs need to be addressed before they cause any structural or permanent damage same as resetting the refrigerator pressures.

What can I do to make my boiler last longer?

But remember, the age of your boiler is just a number. If well maintained, your boiler could last years longer. Boiler engineers highly recommend getting your boiler serviced annually. By checking your boiler every year, it makes sure that your boiler is running safely and efficiently. It also helps you keep your costs low by diagnosing any problems before they worsen.

During a boiler service, the boiler engineer will remove the boiler casing to check the condition of the internal parts and make recommendations on if any of them need repairing or replacing. Other important components that need to be checked by a professional are the gas flue and the gas pressure. By the end of the service, your boiler will be fired up and hopefully ready to go for another year.

Also, depending on your boiler manufacturer, your boiler could have a warranty of up to 15 years. This means that any damages that arise can be repaired without any cost to you. However, you’re only eligible for this warranty if your boiler is serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer yearly.

Should my boiler last longer than 15 years?

Just because your boiler can last longer than the average 15 years, doesn’t always mean it should last longer. For instance, after 10 years, boilers can lose up to 30% of their energy efficiency. This means that 30% of the fuel used by your boiler is lost and isn’t turned into energy for your home. This is bad news for both your boiler and your wallet.

Additionally, as your boiler ages, you’ll need to start looking for replacements for parts that are damaged or broken. But depending on how old your boiler is, you may struggle to find these replacement parts.

Boiler manufacturers tend to discontinue non-essential boiler parts early. While more essential parts, such as mechanical and electrical components, tend to still be manufactured for 10 years.

Doing research on manufacturers before buying a boiler is always a good idea which is good for buying anything like furniture or plants. It helps you understand what to look out for in the future and keeps you informed about the warranty eligibility just in case you need it.

In the long run, getting a new boiler may be more economical than using an old boiler that continues to lose efficiency. So it’s recommended not to wait for your boiler to completely stop working to replace it. As you already know, there are more reasons to consider than just its physical condition.

Dominic Wong

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