What is the Best Time to Replace a Roof?

If you are a homeowner or even a renter, you have a roof that you need to maintain. Although massive repairs are avoidable in most cases, as long as you keep up with maintenance, situations arise where the roof needs to be repaired. An excellent way to keep repairs at bay is to call an expert in roofing in Pembroke Pines to do a yearly inspection of your roof.

Most people know that their roof needs repairing when water starts leaking through the ceiling, or it may be evident by the look of the tiles. Over time, the shingles get worn, and it is natural to need to replace or repair the roof.

So, what is the best time to replace your roof?


We all get prepped up for winters from getting sweatshirts to setting refrigerator temperatures. Then why not roofs? Wintertime is a prime season in Florida to get your roof repaired. The winters are usually mild, which means roofers can work for extended periods. Although, some of the tools used to replace your roof might not work very well in colder conditions.


The summertime is not ideal for getting your roof replaced, especially in Florida, due to high winds and the chance of hurricanes. You will have excessive heat in the summer and often humidity to go with it. Therefore, workers may not be able to work long hours. The tools used to replace your roof will work fine, and the shingles will adhere nicely due to the high temperatures. Although workers tend to be busier during this season, it may be hard to find a company to replace your roof as everyone is enjoying boating or pinacoladas.


Autumn still poses a risk for hurricanes in Florida, so it may not be the best time to do roof replacements. Although, the temperature is getting cooler, which means workers can work for more extended periods. But, it does start to get darker earlier, so you may want to have professionals begin in the morning. And, if you can get your roof replaced in the Fall, it will help prepare you for Winter.


Springtime is when homeowners start to realize problems with their roofs. You may begin to realize holes or leaks in your roof due to the high winds the Autumn before. If this happens, you know it is time to replace your roof. Because of the rising temperatures, there should be no problem with materials or tools being used. The temperature is also more agreeable; therefore, workers can take their time working on your roof.

Remember, when in doubt, get your roof checked and inspected by a professional. It is not fun to have a damaged roof since your roof is what protects you from all the elements. It is wise to do regular maintenance on your roof, so you do not have to replace it. But, sometimes things happen, like a tree falling through the roof because of high winds. Therefore, sometimes you need professionals to come in and replace your roof for you and your family to be safe and comfortable.

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