Simply put, residential and commercial locksmiths have different specialties. They are not supposed to be dealing with a standard set of locks because your security requirements for a home are not the same as your business.

Here’s all you need to know about their jobs and how to pick a good one for your needs.

Who Is a Residential Locksmith?

You can glean from the name that residential locksmiths are professionals who are experts at making your house secure – this is the one you typically think of when talking about a locksmith near me.

A residential locksmith is usually called for services like cutting keys, repairing locks and getting you into your house when you’ve accidentally locked yourself out.

They are also of great use to those who lose their keys or need a duplicate set for safety. The one you call during these situations is a residential locksmith. You know the one you reached out to is a good one once you have a conversation with them about security.

A good locksmith usually has very good knowledge when it comes to security systems and products that best suit your home. It usually depends on what kind of potential risks are common in your region, what’s available in the market that can make your home safe with all the broken screws removed, and what your budget is.

They can tell you about individual locks as well as entire security systems for a property. A good residential locksmith is one who can conduct an inspection and tell you how to make your property safer from attempts of burglaries.

And the service doesn’t just stop at recommendations. They are also good at installing security systems, whether it is for doors, windows or the entrance to your property. You should also be able to get your money’s worth when it comes to securing the external areas of the house as well.

A good residential locksmith has both skills and experience to advise you about the best products that can stand the test of time.

Who Is a Commercial Locksmith?

The requirements of commercial property are different from those of residential property. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that this is a slightly different skill set. Commercial locksmiths often use different types of systems and individual locks as well.

This is because commercial settings are usually a bit more complex. After all, many businesses tend to keep assets in the office. Naturally, the type of locking systems used for these buildings are different from those used for homes.

More often than not, the overall costs of the inventory are higher than what’s in your average household.

Dealing with this type of infrastructure requires a higher level of skill, training and overall experience as well. A commercial locksmith should also know what kind of security systems are available in the market for office building complexes of different sizes.

This is a wide range of products, from locking systems to electronic controls that are used for filing cabinets and safes as well.

But it’s not just about security. Commercial locksmiths also need to be well-versed in meeting the legal requirements of certain buildings.

That means they will have to be experts at installing panic rooms when it’s a legal necessity. A panic room or a panic bar is a place that allows the employees to leave the building safely if and when the need arises.

Why It’s Important to Choose Wisely

You might think that it’s just a lock and any locksmith will do. By now, you should know that that assumption is a bit off base, to put it mildly.

Even if you only lost a key, you will need to pick the right type of locksmith so that you get the guy who knows how to unlock the particular lock you’re dealing with.

The crucial detail here is that the locks used for residential properties are a lot simpler than the ones used for businesses.

The locks used on your home are also highly unlikely to have mechanisms that require a master key like in a hotel or multiple locks that are “keyed alike”.

Some homes might have the keyed alike feature for extra protection and while that’s not completely new, it is typically not the case. In any scenario, you’re going to have to pick your locksmith depending on the security system they have to deal with.

Commercial locksmiths are not so easily flummoxed when they have to deal with complex security systems. In fact, it is what is expected of them. So, whether it’s a case of master keys, systems that are keyed alike, industrial locks, fire doors, push-button locks or such, they will get the job done with ease.

Parting Thoughts

The simplest ways to pick the right locksmith are quite basic, actually. Check the company’s history. You want to start with their insurance and licensing details. You should also check their rating from other customers. This should be on their website or social media forums. Take it with a pinch of salt.

And before you hire one, you should get quotes from several locksmiths to make sure you get a feel of the market prices. And finally, you should most definitely remember to ask for details of the warranty before you sign up for a product or service.

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