Air conditioning and other home comfort appliances are bought with due research and proper study of various factors and needs because the industry house many sellers who themselves have a variety of choices to offer.

Each of these companies tries to sell their products and offer many options, features, and benefits to make you choose them.

Considering all these options and features can get troublesome so one should keep in mind what is their need, what they want, and what are the other criteria that must be met while buying long term use products because an appliance like an air conditioner comes into use for years and is usually on the higher price range.

In this market, two large corporations selling their innovations are Lennox and Rheem. They both are often considered while buying air conditioners so to make your decision easier, given below is a comparison of both the companies benefits and whichever suits your conditions more is the better option for you.


High-End Technology- One of the many reasons Lennox is highly reputable is because of the top-class technology that is used in their products. It makes its products especially its air conditioner with the latest, best, and most efficient gadgets and technology in the market.

It offers the customers features like quiet operation, multi-function thermostats, and variable stages in their product to cater to every need and preference of their client.

Super Efficiency- A lot of research and study goes into the making of the energy-efficient technology and products that Lennox sells. It is air conditioner goes as high as SEER ratings of 26 as compared to air conditioners of its competitors that go upto 14 SEER units.

Saltwater Resistant- In the products of Lennox, aluminum is a prime material used in the quantum coil for the condensing unit. In areas near the ocean, sea, and other water bodies, this material is much more useful as aluminum is more resistant to corrosion near the waterbodies than other metals that are used in such products.


Affordable- Rheem has three lines of residential products that are based on the price range; it starts with the Value Series that are very affordable and good quality models. Value Series is followed by The Classic Series and then the Prestige Series.

Large Warranty Periods- All units of Rheem uses compressors and these compressors are provided for with 10 years of warranty (The Classic Series has 5 years)

Energy Star Certification- Each product of the company is certified with Energy Star that acts as a guarantee of its quality.

Both above-mentioned brands are leading companies in their markets and their long history of over 100 years adds on to the high reputation it enjoys.

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It each has its own individual, unique benefits that cater to the various wants of the client base, and thus there is not a universal answer to which is better as one can be better for someone and the other for someone else.

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