Rheem is an American manufacturing company, owned by Paloma, a Japanese manufacturing company that manufactures water heaters.

Originally, the company emerged from Atlanta, then spread in North America, and eventually, Paloma bought it. It’s current headquarter is in Atlanta, Georgia. Rheem was founded by Richard Rheem and Donald Rheem in 1925.

The company is one of the leading brands which deal with the production of water heaters, boilers, air conditioners, and related products, ventilators, and heaters along with their parts and other related equipment.

The company manufactures its products for use both commercially and personally (residential use). The company’s brand value is proved by the high-quality products that it delivers at a mid-range price segment.

The current chief executive officer I.e., CEO is Chris Peel. He is also the President of the company and has served the company as the CEO for more than a decade now.

Chris Peel is the successor of J.R. Jones, under whom he worked and grew and eventually got to his position through hard work, dedication, and devoted investment of time and efforts.

About Chris Peel

Chris Peel came into the company in 2008. Prior to that, he had worked in various other companies, with a higher position in those companies as well. Some of the places that he worked are Lennox International and Delphi Automotive Systems.

His track record of a valuable employee does not happen to be just because of his positions in those companies. He has also been an officer and served in the U.S. Navy where he would have found a higher growth in his leadership qualities, operative, and cooperative skills.

Peel has done his bachelor’s from Purdue University in Electrical Engineering, followed by a Master’s in Management. This makes him well versed in science as well as commercial knowledge.

His education and work experiences make him a well-rounded leader, suited well for his positions that he has been in and the eventual appointment as the CEO at Rheem. As the CEO he has promised to keep working on his vision for the company and the growth that he plans to provide the company with.

Being up for the challenge, he also knows that apart from the domestic and international growth through the focus on customer’s demands and satisfaction and the product’s quality, the company also must compete with the rival companies. The company’s current annual sales generation is $2.19 (USD) billion in sales.

Rheem Vs the Competitors

The major competitors for Rheem are Trane Technologies Inc and A.O. Smith Corporation. One of the points in Rheem vs Trane is that it must fight against the number of options that Trane provides for its products.

Some of the products have many more options than what Rheem has. Trane has a somewhat similar quality of products, but Rheem provides it for a cheaper price, making it a better option for many customers.

Then as we come to customer service experience, which is a crucial factor for a company’s growth, A.O. Smith has often shown a better customer satisfaction level. Rheem vs Trane and Rheem vs A.O. Smith are going to be a challenge for Peel which will push his company to do its best, and Peel as the CEO is ready for it.


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