After two years of COVID lockdowns and travel restrictions, people are ready to take a vacation. They want the comforts of home and outstanding service when they choose their getaway. In addition, they want to know they are safe and measures have been taken to protect their health. Many people today opt for a short-term vacation rental property, such as a condo, rather than a hotel. What benefits do they see when they make this choice?

More Space

Hotel rooms lack space, so they never truly feel like home. When a person chooses a condo vacation rental, they know they can spread out. They will have room for meals, family game nights, sleeping, and more. One guest may take a nap in the bedroom while another guest watches TV in the living room. They won’t be crowded or feel like they are disturbing each other as they engage in different activities. This is one of several reasons why people are renting a condo in Phoenix rather than getting a hotel room.

Home-Cooked Meals

Inflation continues to interfere with many vacation plans. Travelers are watching the cost of fuel skyrocket, groceries are going up, and rising prices are seen everywhere. A person may feel as if they need to cancel their vacation because they can no longer afford the trip they had in mind. By renting a condo rather than staying in a hotel, the person can make meals rather than eat out. This will help them stay within their budget without completely giving up on the trip. Besides, home-cooked meals are healthier and often taste better.

Perfect for Kids and Pets

Parents know how difficult it is to keep children in a hotel room, especially on decks. They wonder how they are going to keep the kids quiet so they don’t bother other guests staying at the hotel. In addition, they worry the kids will be loud in the hallways while other people are trying to sleep. When the family rents a condo, the parents won’t worry as much about disturbing other guests. The same holds when a family wishes to bring their pets on vacation. Many hotels won’t allow them to do so, as they worry the animals might bother other guests. When the family rents a condo, they often find the owners are pet friendly.


Many people find they don’t enjoy staying in a hotel because they feel they don’t have any privacy. Other guests and staff members at the front desk and throughout the hotel see when they come and go. They know how many people enter and exit the hotel room and what guests bring into their rooms with them.

With a condo, a person has more privacy. They can invite friends over without feeling as if they are being watched when doing so. If somebody stays the night in the condo, they can. Hotels may charge an extra fee for an added guest. The additional privacy when booking a condo is greatly appreciated by many guests.

People choose condos over hotels for a variety of reasons. Regardless of why they make this decision, they get more value for their money. However, people must book early, as these short-term vacation rentals fill up quickly. Nobody wants to find they missed out on the perfect vacation because they waited to make a reservation or they have to stay in a hotel because nothing is available. The condo serves as a home away from home, so book now and get freedom from your dorm room. You won’t regret doing so when you see how amazing your trip is thanks to the great accommodations.

Ayush Bhansin

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