Spending time at home after work doesn’t have to be boring – especially not when you have an outdoor area designed for entertaining and relaxation. And you don’t have to be going through quarantines or lockdowns to fully appreciate its value watching outside the Therma Tru doors! Now if you truly want to make the most of it, don’t be like most owners who invest in the outdoor space from the warm-season perspective yet fail to consider extending the outdoor fun year-round.

Late autumn and the arrival of winter don’t have to mark a sad time confining you indoors if you transform your patio or backyard for the cold days. This of course means making the right decisions when it comes to furnishings and decor.

Yes, it may be yet another expense, but it’s one that’s sure to further increase your home’s value and it’s something you, your family and friends would get to enjoy year after year. So, before you start clearing up the yard and disassembling the furniture for the chilly days, here are a few suggestions. Try them and see how easy it is to extend the outdoor entertaining season!

Warm Up with a Fire Pit

This addition is more than obvious because a fire pit is the first element that can create a warm ambience both literally and figuratively. As the days get smaller and colder, the idea of snuggling up to your partner and watching the fire crackle can bring the romantic side out even in people who are sworn haters of anything romance-related. Yes, even thousands of years later, we humans are still fascinated by fires!

Besides the fact this can make for a truly relaxing experience, lower your blood pressure, and spark meaningful conversations, there’s another benefit from one of the stylish outdoor fire pits – and that is improving the décor of your precious yard or patio. If you were lacking a useful focal point, this is it! And speaking of usefulness, these pits are amazing for cooking on as well, so if you feel like the fire further brings out your primal side, welcome it by preparing some delicious s’mores.

Not to mention, they serve their purpose in lighting and safety as well, especially after the sun sets. Available in a range of sizes, and designs, there’s a fire pit for every space and taste. Before buying one, it’s advisable to take care of the layout planning and see where it’s ideal to add the pit to make it easier with measuring up the designated area and finding the perfect fit.

Material is another key aspect since you’re buying for the outdoors where it would be exposed to the weather elements, in which case it’s crucial to find the model that’s made from sturdy metals able to withstand anything the harsh Aussie climate puts them through. Now, in terms of the fire specifically, if you don’t want to go through the trouble and learn how you can set and maintain a fire, especially during strong winds, there are propane designs of fire pit for sale that take this load off your shoulders.

Same as propane heaters, they work with tanks that you’d have to replace once you run out of fuel and get solatubes instead. If, on the other hand, you prefer the real deal but would like to have some sort of coverage, then a chiminea may be the better option for you as it would help you maintain the flame without a problem. Don’t leave out any of these factors from your purchasing, and you’ll be able to make the right decision.

Bring Out the Blankets

You know how there are some fancy restaurants and cafés that have neatly placed blankets on the chairs when you choose to sit on the terrace? Well, why not copy them and bring some of that fancy charm to your lovely area by buying extra warm and cosy blankets for the particularly cold-natured people in your life. In addition to the pleasant warmth provided by the outdoor fire pits, blankets can also create the right conditions to invite these people in and help them enjoy your company in your outdoor space longer than usual.

Don’t feel like spending more money than the investment in the fire pit? Why not reuse some of your old blankets or throws, or quilts you were planning on tossing out? This solution is ideal for you and the environment because it’s both money-saving and eco-friendly as it doesn’t contribute to more waste. Having your own stash of yard blankets also gives you the chance to use a rack, shelf or basket as part of your outdoor décor. This way, you can boost the aesthetics of the other furnishings and keep clutter at bay. Rattan is certainly a winner here.

Consider Adding a Cover

Since every outdoor space is unique, we can’t exactly generalise when it comes to the year-round season solutions. This is also the case with the cover. In case you have no chance to cover up part of the seating area with walls, including secluding the outdoor fire pits as the centrepieces they are, there are other design ideas you can give a go.

Some of them can add a really special touch to the area, like in the case with the elegant gazebo or pergola, a stretched tarp, a pavilion, or steel panels. Based on the design you’re after, as well as the money you’re willing to spend, you can choose from these options which bring about their own benefits to the area. Just remember to keep the fire pit well ventilated and away from any fire hazard like furniture, accessories or parts of the cover like the gazebo. The same goes for certain heaters like the propane and natural gas models which require ventilation.

Find a Way to Block the Wind

There will be days when the cover won’t be enough in preventing the strong winds from crashing your party. This is where you’d find it useful to have a wind block feature at hand, whether permanent or removable. If you’re up for something permanent, especially for keeping the outdoor fire pit up and running without obstructions, consider planting some tall shrubs and trees around to naturally block the breeze. The bonus here is that with proper tree maintenance they’d contribute to the increase in privacy too.

For something removable, windscreens would do. This is a nice and practical choice because it allows you to use it when you need it without the hassle of having to take care of any special installation project or adjustments. And when you don’t need it anymore, you can simply pack it up and store it for the next windy get-together.

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