The famous streets of Milan, Paris, and New York have been home to some of the most beautiful jewelry styles. Over here, people can be seen wearing the trendiest jewelry pieces, which also include dainty bracelets. Recent runways at the New York and London Fashion Week have applauded the incoming of intricate jewelry, shaping the upcoming season. Not only do bracelets add essential details to the entire look, but they also have an incredible presence. Additionally, some of these bracelet designs have been in trend for the last couple of years but have only garnered more attention all this time. Gemstone jewelry like Shugnite jewelry and other natural stones have also become a recent trend on the ramps and some even place stone right in their home. As a result, people have chosen to wear bracelets featuring metals or gemstones over their blazers and coats to look chicer in the latest runway episodes.

People prefer to wear smaller jewelry pieces because they’re the latest fashion and more feminine and elegant. If a person’s flaunting a great tan on their body, what better way than to add some pieces of gold cuffs to catch more focus on the arms. The minimal weight of these bracelets makes them easy to carry and layer as per the style and dressing sense. To give you a better understanding of these statement-making jewelry, we’ve collated a list that you can go through and add your favorites to your next look:

1. Shungite Bracelets

The great thing about Shungite jewelry is that it helps inject a bolt of color to your monotone outfits, and their cleansing properties as a crystal works to benefit the person’s health. In addition, they help protect the person from harmful radiation, and what better way to take care of your aura than in the form of a fashionable accessory. You can easily get a beaded, black color Shungite bracelet and add it to your collection this summer to heal your body naturally.

2. Single-Strand Bracelets

They are the most intricate bracelets out of the entire collection, with their barely-there look in a string of gold/silver or platinum metal. The single-strand bracelets aren’t just delicate but may also work as a statement piece with almost any outfit you wear. People following the latest fashion trends have started to permanently get them welded around their wrists by goldsmiths so that they can make it an essential accessory with all of their looks. It’s comfortable to wear, and people can get it in a slider form if they wish to surprise their best friends, to fit all body sizes.

3. Gold Cable Chain Bracelets

The best part about wearing gold is that it looks lavish in all of its shades – be it warm yellow, rose gold, or a cooler and pale tone. The look of gold adds luxury to all outfits one style it with, as seen in the collections of top jewelry brands Chopard, Bulgari, Gucci, etc. The best way to add gold to your everyday look is to use a cable chain bracelet. They can be layered with other bracelets or worn alone if you want to go for a minimal look. They will look chic and classic with your favorite crop top and elevate the casual outfit into a tailor-made one. The cable chain bracelets will always remain in fashion, but as of now, they’re highly in trend and approved by designer labels.

4. Mother of Pearl Bracelets

Similar to the classic tennis bracelets, the mother of pearl bracelets is also exquisite for people who appreciate refined jewelry pieces. Pearl is a priceless and timeless jewel that has been valued for centuries, and it elevates any dress into a worthy and expensive look. Luxe brands such as Tiffany’s have taken a modern take on the evergreen staple jewel and made it into their version of the Mother of Pearl Bracelet, which is in a contemporary design.

5. Layered Gold Bangle Bracelets

When talking about the different styles of bracelets, it’s almost hard to miss the famous layered gold bangles. These are so popular because women can effortlessly wear them in stacks of 4 or 7, based on how extravagant you want your outfit to look. The layered bangle bracelets come in various polishings, textures, and materials, adorned with diamonds and precious stones to make the accessory more stylish.

6. Charm Bracelets

Women in fashion can easily pair charm bracelets with most of their outfits because of the bracelet’s flexibility and character. The personal touch added by these bracelets makes them even more exclusive and gorgeous to pair with your favorite jeans and blouse. Different charms such as a famous tourist location, heels, ice cream, the London Bridge, etc., make the accessory special and give it a unique character. You can wear it in various metal colors such as silver or gold and rock any of your attires.

7. Tennis Bracelets

If you want to stick to classics or look for a versatile bracelet, a tennis bracelet is a perfect pick. Tennis bracelets are well polished, featuring beautiful diamonds and gemstones; women can find them in various shapes such as hearts, stars, emerald-cut, round, square, etc., and different widths and weights. It’s such a stunning piece of jewelry that women can style it on any occasion – be it their workwear, next to your everyday watch, or even with a beautiful slip dress that you wear on your wedding day!

8. Beaded Bracelets

A beaded bracelet is so simple in style that it’ll always be a favorite pick amongst those that want to add a stylish touch to their attire. Beaded bracelets can be layered or worn with any look to suit your taste. The bracelet comes in different gemstones, metals, adorned with varying centerpieces, having multiple shapes and colors. It can be worn by both men and women and is a must-have in every collection.

9. Cuff Bracelets

The trend for cuff bracelets has been ever-increasing, and it’s not going to end any time soon. One can quickly put on the bracelet without worrying about the clasp and change their entire look with this one piece of jewelry. It’s a statement piece, and the style became ever so popular because of the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. Even then, cuff bracelets came adorned with beautiful selections of organic-shaped stones such as Turquoise, Emerald, or Ruby. In that era, it used to symbolize the person’s rich inheritance, status, and power, and today, it has become associated with a famous Superhero, Wonder Woman. The cuff bracelets are part of her iconic costume today, other than being a beautiful everyday accessory.


The bracelet is a kind of accessory that will make up a great impression just like adding a piece of furniture makes a good impression of your home.

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