Since stones are a new addition to the lucky charms family, their color is significant to identify their purpose but their placement also plays a crucial role in their effectiveness.

As a result, the various meanings of jade gemstones could potentially change the room’s atmosphere, your life’s current conditions, and even your relationships with people, depending on where you’ll place them in your home.

With that, we created a list of the perfect locations for your crystals at home.

1.Front door

Jade gemstones have an elegant shade of green, which resembles money. So, placing this crystal at your Mastercraft front door could invite an abundance of wealth into your home.

Remember that jades symbolize prosperity and peace, so if you’re after financial stability and comfort, we suggest keeping this crystal close to the main entrance as it bars bad luck from taking a step into your home.

Additionally, having your jade in this area could bring you several opportunities that will contribute to your riches, like getting a promotion in your job.

Although we don’t guarantee that you’ll win a lottery, your crystal might be able to magnetize other good things that bring in more money.


We are not sure if anyone still put heat lamps in the bathroom but believe us when we say that this gemstone could help alleviate any physical pain you’re experiencing owing to its physical healing properties.

When you’re taking a bath or shower, your body is exposed, and you could have a look at an existing bruise or other symptoms of ailments. But diseases involving your kidneys, renal or urinary systems are invisible in your eyes.

Thankfully, jades are powerful enough to “feel” these issues before they manifest themselves long after they have fully developed.

In the crystal world, jades have achieved the title of “spleen stone” because of the reaped benefits of this particular organ with the stone’s powers.

It’s not a surprise that keeping a jade close to you could also encourage faster recovery and could even speed up the healing time of patients who have undergone a convalescent process after suffering from a prolonged surgery or illness.

If you’ve been having issues with your bones, this crystal will deal with your skeletal system in general, such as supporting your joints.


Is there a possibility that you’re currently single and looking for your “perfect match”? Then we would like to offer that you place your stone in your bedroom.

Anywhere, really, as long as it’s in your bedroom. But we prefer that you put it next to your bed, like on top of your night desk, to have a stronger sense of the jade’s effect.

Little do others know, but jades are pretty popular to the ladies because it inspires love matches for them, and stone further supports this idea by promoting fidelity in relationships.

Moreover, the crystal brings clarity to the thought process. That’s why you may find yourself challenging your initial perspectives and principles when it comes to relationships.

In this way, your improved maturity could open your hearts and mind to the deepest truths that are potentially blocking you from having your own “happy ending.” By acknowledging that these things exist and building the will to resolve them through honest conversations with yourself and others, you create a stronger connection with the people in your life.

Apart from this, the jade gemstone is a star of fertility for couples and eases the child’s hormonal levels and delivery process.

Something worth noting if you’ve already established a relationship and are looking forward to having your own family.

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