One of the most exciting parts of going away to college or university is having the chance to live on your own. For many students, this period is their first time living away from home and their first chance to make a space of their own from scratch and start by painting the walls from ralph lauren paint. To have more time to arrange your home, use essaypro. Whether you are living with a roommate or on your own, your dorm room or apartment should reflect your personality and your interests. However, many students are on a budget and don’t have the resources for a designer room makeover. That’s why in this article we’ll take a look at ten room décor ideas for students that you can do right now to help transform your living space into a comfortable expression of who you are.

We’ve all seen the movie dorm rooms and the catalog photos with impossibly perfect décor. But who has the money to cover the walls in $50 a sheet removable wallpaper? We’re not here to break the bank. We have realistic decorating ideas for your room.

Light strips

LED light strips can give your room personality and flair on a low budget. These lights are relatively inexpensive and can be arranged in patterns around your room. Running them around the lines of the room—the ceiling, the doors, the windows—can highlight the architectural shape of the room, and the ability to change colors can give your room different moods to reflect your feelings, the time of day, or just what seems fun. If you don’t have LED light strips, “fairy lights”—basically Christmas lights in white wires—can give your room a bohemian, funky effect on a very low budget.

Accent lights

Most dorm rooms are lit either by ceiling fluorescent lights or a single overhead light fixture. The former provides harsh light, and the latter usually not enough. You can make your room feel warmer and more comfortable with accent lights—lamps and lanterns—that you can use for more diffuse light for a softer look. This can make your room feel homier and more comfortable, especially at night, when dimmer light can be beneficial in getting ready to sleep.

A corkboard or notice board

Hanging a board in which you can place personalized decorations, mementos, and photographs can give you a colorful and changeable way to express yourself. You can use colorful strings to connect tacked-up items to give them a decorative flair and turn your reminders and notices into art.


Dorm rooms can be rather dull, dead spaces, with institutionally white walls and prison-like cinder blocks. Bring life to even the most penal dorm room with a plant or two in front of your Mastercraft doors. Bringing some leafy greens into your room will help to make it feel more alive and visually interesting. If you don’t have a green thumb, a good quality fake plant can have the same effect.

Wall hangings

Most schools and a lot of landlords won’t want you painting their walls, so dress up plain white walls or cover ugly cinder blocks with wall hangings. Use printed clothes with patterns or images to help soften the look of walls. As a bonus, the fabric will absorb sounds and help to cut down on the dorm room echoes that bounce off hard cinder block walls.

Command hooks for framed pictures

Many students know about using blue tack to affix posters to walls, but if you want a more sophisticated look, use stick-backed hooks like 3M Command hooks, to hang framed pictures on the wall, or even a fancy mirror. Framed art looks more put-together and can make even the most basic college dorm feel like a grown-up apartment.

Combine inexpensive elements artistically

Even inexpensive items can be upcycled by combining them with an artistic eye. For example, you might use clothespins to hang photographs from strips of light strung back and forth across a wall to create an art installation. Or you might choose accessories all from the same color family to create a coordinated look. Let your artistic sense guide you, and the results will look much more expensive!

Bring your own rug

Most dorm rooms come with either tile floors or cheap wall-to-wall carpeting. Buy your own colorful throw rug to cover up the floor and change its look completely. Coordinate the rug’s colors with your bedding or throw pillows to help create a coherent look.

Stained glass window paper

Many dorms’ windows look out into other dorms’ blank walls or parking lots. Give your windows some personality with removable stained glass contact paper. Covering your windows with translucent faux stained glass can give your windows color and style.

Colorful bedding

The biggest piece of furniture in your room is your bed, and since it takes up a lot of visual space, colorful and coordinated bedding with some bright throw pillow accents can brighten up even the dullest dorm.

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