Nowadays, more and more Australians are going for the trend of building granny flats in the backyard. Most of them are also deciding to move into the granny flat and rent out their main house. Here are ten reasons why people prefer living in granny flats.

1. Keep your family close while giving them privacy

As the year goes by, both you and your parents are growing older. Building a granny flat in your backyard is a great option that allows you to move your elderly parents close to you. That way, you are able to look after and take care of them while still giving them the level of privacy and independence that they need. When you already have a family of your own, you are still able to share meals together with them and bring a lot of happiness to their lives by having every family member closer.

2. Gives you an extra monthly income

When you do not have aging parents to take care of, the granny flat in your backyard can be a great source of income. It is a smart investment to help your family earn extra money over time by renting it out to somebody else. You can either choose a daily, or monthly rental depending on your situation. Look for the average rental income for similar apartments in your neighborhood to get an estimation of your income. The extra income earned can help you pay your mortgage faster.

3. No worries on the design

When you are building granny flats, designing the plan should not be as difficult as choosing the design for your main house. You can simply ask your professional granny flats builder Sydney to establish a design that matches the design of your main house. It will be worthwhile to give the tasks to them, because they have expertise in this industry, which means they will ensure that you are satisfied by their services. You can simply discuss with them about the home designs you are wishing for and how much money you have for the project. With this method, you will get the granny flat you’ve been dreaming of, while your budget is still under control.

4. Adds value to your house

Just like any other home renovation like adding a cambria countertop, building granny flats in the backyard can also add value to your house and increase the return on investment. Many people prefer to choose a house with a granny flat rather than a house without one. The market price is most likely to go up as well since it is not just a house but a house with a potentially profitable rental property.

5. Provides additional spaces

Building granny flats in your backyard provides you with additional rooms to occupy without having to move out of your current neighborhood. It is a good solution for you to avoid a new higher property tax from moving to a different location.

6. Turn into a home office

Granny flats have a multitude of uses which can be a bedroom, a storage area, an entertainment space, or even a home office. In an era where many people prefer to work remotely from home or running their own business, having granny flats in the backyard can be a great solution. Turning your granny flats into a home office can provide extra space and privacy to keep a healthy life-work balance that people are looking for.

7. A lodge for family or friends to stay over

Similar to the concept of room rental, but this one is definitely free of charge for your family or friends. When you are living far away from your parents, family, or friends, it is best to have them come and visit your home for a stayover. However, they probably will not be able to say longer than a week due to a lack of space to stay in your home. That is why having granny flats provide a designed space for them to stay comfortably in a longer period. It is nice for everyone to be close and have their own space to stay at night.

8. It is flexible!

As mentioned earlier, granny flats have multiple purposes, including a bedroom, home office, storage room, mini gym, and entertainment space. The flexibility granny flats provide allows you to use it however you wish according to your housing needs that can change over time.

9. Having the entire space of your own

Living in a granny flat can also mean that you are all by yourself in the house. With this kind of dwelling, you can have the entire space of your own. No more worries about disturbing your family or roommates when you are watching movies at midnight with loud sounds on.

10. A great option for downsizing

Nowadays, more and more people are going for the trend of downsizing where they are living a minimalist lifestyle in a smaller living space. The purpose of this downsizing lifestyle can be to save up money for traveling the world, to start a new business, or even to have more financial freedom. Living in granny flats can be the best option for people to explore downsizing lifestyles, and it allows them to generate extra income from renting out their main house. By doing this, they are free to do whatever they dreamt of without having to think of mortgage fees and making the financial pressures to reduce significantly.

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