Sofas undoubtedly set the tone for your entire living room. They also bring comfort and joy to your home through the affectionate conversations and bonding that takes place around them like it happens over quartz countertops. Thus, it would help if you choose them wisely, as they’re in most cases a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

But it’s usually quite an overwhelming experience whenever you set out to buy a new sofa for your home. With dozens of styles, colors, and brands to choose from, you can spend quite some time in the selection process, especially if your mind is unsettled about what to look for in choosing for your sofa.

This article compiles the seven best sofas for your home in 2021. Indeed, you can use this list as your ultimate guide to sofa selection.

1. Chaise

The chaise lounge is your go-to sofa style if your concern is relaxation. Most chaise sofas have just one arm, and it’s this asymmetrical design that endears them to many. At least, it’s a much welcome break from the typical sofas with a back and two arms.

They’re extremely popular as living room, bedroom, and patio furniture. The design allows for formal upright seating, sleeping, and sitting in a reclined position.

You won’t miss this sofa type in most local and online furniture stores. As a starting point, you’d want to check out the sofas and couches at RJ Living or other similar stores that stock a wide variety of sofas and deliver them promptly.

2. Sleeper Sofas

As the name suggests, sleeper sofas double up as beds, on top of their primary role of seating. They come in several styles. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Pull out sofa bed: The sleeping surface is tucked into the belly of the sofa, and you can pull it out whenever you want to use it as a bed. The back remains upright after pulling out the bed.
  • Futon: The back of this sofa can fold down to create a large, flat, cushioned sleeping platform. You can also release the arms downwards to have an entirely flat surface.
  • Convertible sofa: This type of sofa bed comes with additional seating areas that you can quickly fix to the main couch to create a large sleeping platform.
  • Daybed: This is a hybrid between a couch and a bed, wherein two armrests replace the usual headboard and footboard of a bed and an additional backrest fixed. This way, you can use it for both sleeping and sitting.

Sleeper sofas are an excellent option if you don’t have extra space in your home for a guest bed. But their multi-functional nature may mean that they get dirtier than typical sofas. Thus, you’d want to learn how to clean fabric sofas so that you can keep your sleeper sofas clean and presentable at all times.

3. Loveseats

The loveseat sofa is designed for two people. In a home setting, this is usually a reserve for the couples. If you want to sit close to your significant other and have an intimate conversation, this sofa might be the one. And that’s what companionship is about, after all.

It’s unlike the three-seaters, which leave too much space between lovebirds, and also unlike the one-seaters, which significantly separate spouses into two different seats. So, consider buying a comfortable lovebird sofa if you desire intimate moments with your partner in the living room or bedroom.

4. Recliners

Still, on the comfort aspect of sofas, another excellent option is the recliner sofas. Sometimes, the upright backs of sofas and lack of a footrest don’t give you the level of comfort you perhaps long to have.

With a recliner sofa, you can lower the backrest, raise the footrest, and extend them to any desired length. It is the perfect position for playing games or watching TV.

5. Tuxedo sofas

Creative living room interior composition with beige sofa, glass coffee table, carpet on the floor and glamorous accessories. Template.

The tuxedo sofa is one of the unique styles you can have in your home. They have high arms that are on the same level as the backrest. Usually, the arms and backrest are very straight and upholstered with a minimum amount of padding. As such, you’ll most likely need throw pillows for your back and arms.

It’s also perfect for minimalist homes, given their simple look. While they come in a variety of colors, you’d want to choose one that matches the rest of your home decor. This classy design with straight lines might be a spectacle to behold in your home.


Some of the best sofas you can purchase for your home in 2021 include the chaise lounge, sleeper sofas, loveseats, recliners, and tuxedo sofas. Your choice should primarily base on the level of comfort you desire and your sense of style.

Other factors you should consider include size, longevity, fabric type, functionality, shape, brand, legs, frame, and ease of cleaning. Choose a sofa that you’ll fall in love with every day for the several years you’ll use it.

Levi Huang

Levi Huang, a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Furniture Design, has been a guiding voice in home furnishing and interior solutions for over 16 years. He became part of our editorial team in 2021, focusing on ergonomic furniture design, space planning, and material innovation. Previously, Levi worked in custom furniture creation and as an interior design consultant. He enjoys woodworking and contributing to sustainable living initiatives.

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