Most, if not all, agree that there is just something appealing about a contemporary kitchen. Who does not desire a simple, clean, welcoming, and effortlessly practical modern kitchen design with sleek, handle-less cabinets, marble countertops, and creative appliances? No one, indeed.

Artificial resources produced during the 1800s and 1900s, such as concrete, plastic, plywood, steel, laminate, glass, linoleum, and chrome, are frequently used in contemporary and modern kitchens. Today, many kitchen renovations incorporate natural and sustainable materials, particularly when a less industrialized vibe is sought. Raw materials such as wood, stone, and granite are frequently utilized in modern kitchens with all kinds of spices. Natural materials also help tie all the color schemes in the space and make the kitchen feel extra welcoming.

You can reinvent your kitchen to make it look more contemporary by injecting small details or doing major renovations. So, if you plan to transform your space soon, below are the best contemporary updates you can do to your ordinary kitchen:

Invest in custom kitchen cabinets

One of the essential elements in a contemporary kitchen is the cabinets. The modern kitchen puts significant importance on square and rectangle shapes. In addition, Cabinet frames in the contemporary kitchen have slab-front doors that hide the cabinet frame most of the time. There are no recessed panels or ornaments on these flat doors. Clean, elegant lines also characterize this design. Door pulls are typically as elegant and sleek as the hardware. Door pulls, and cabinet knobs also feature clean, sleek lines.

For optimal storage capacity, contemporary cabinets typically rise to the ceiling. Specific kitchen design features alternate the cabinet heights for the top cabinet layouts to separate the vision of large cabinets frames. The following are more well-known elements in a contemporary kitchen: upper cabinets with glass doors, open shelves for separating cabinets, and deep drawers for extensive kitchen tools.

There are a lot of kitchen cabinets available in the market. It would be best to invest in custom kitchen cabinets that correctly fit your space’s dimensions. Through custom kitchen cabinets, you would be able to instruct your provider to properly cabinets that follow the contemporary kitchen design while still maintaining your unique personality in the space. Talk to an expert, like Neo Kitchen, to know the ideal custom cabinet to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Incorporate the right interior design

Contemporary kitchen designs incorporate modern elements with a minimalistic style to produce a specific identity that defies trends, thanks to their streamlined cabinets and subtle color choices. Consider cabinets with flat fronts, streamlined fixtures, stone and wood highlights and accents, and stunning tiles. This also goes with the dining room decor and furniture.

Various materials, patterns, and textures are common in contemporary kitchens. The distinctions are highly respected and seen as a discreet method to replace costly features and embellishments. Typically, you will see variances in the sort of stone or wood used and worktops made of a variety of materials. There is also a unique blend of forms and proportions in this style.

Furthermore, light fixtures are another essential component of contemporary designs. Even though they are often associated with minimalism and simplicity, light fixtures in modern design are highlighted in other ways. For example, appearance, color, size, and shape are essential considerations for light fixtures because they function as practical and decorative features.

Lastly, because most contemporary kitchens have simple and plain walls, the backsplash has become a popular method to incorporate design and vibrancy into modern kitchen design. Stone, ceramic, mosaics and glass tiles are frequently used. This backsplash design is an option that enables you to show your particular tastes and individuality. And to achieve the house and the kitchen of your dreams, it would be a great idea to seek professional help from creative interior designing experts.

Let natural light in

Natural light is essential when it comes to sticking to a simple style. Natural light has the potential to widen and make every kitchen appear larger than it is. Kitchens in contemporary homes, especially in urban areas, are fairly compact. As a result, if you would like to provide your kitchen a modern edge, consider allowing enough good natural lighting in. When you blend natural light with an all-white color theme, you’ll have a modern kitchen that is both minimalist and spacious.

Integrate modern appliances

Another contemporary kitchen design that you should not miss is incorporating modern appliances. Today, technological advancements have provided modern and intelligent devices that can even be controlled remotely using an application on your mobile phone. You can invest in smart refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, air fryers, and other appliances that can make your kitchen design fascinating and practical.

In contemporary kitchen design, stainless steel appliances are the most popular choice. Commercial kitchen appliances are frequently found in high-end residences. Gas stoves and ranges are famous, as are electric induction stoves that feature glass touchscreen tops. Adding a built-in small smart appliance area to your kitchen design might also be a nice touch you can consider.

Do open shelves

Open concept is a crucial element in contemporary kitchens. One of the ways to highlight an open concept is using open shelves. It is a smart place to start by eliminating the doors from your cabinet and leaving the shelving alone. The first objective of open shelves is to provide space. The second reason is that they can provide personality to your kitchen by acting as decoration.

So, are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen in a contemporary style?

Do you find minimalistic, clutter-free style appealing? Do you like the clean, elegant look of sleek cabinets and natural countertops combined with the modern comforts and convenience of updated appliances? If that’s the case, a modern kitchen redesign could be what you’re looking for. Collaborate with an expert, like Neo Kitchen, that knows well how to mix visual aesthetics with practical modern solutions to offer you and your loved ones the new place you have always dreamed of.

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