Nothing feels more relaxing than spending a Saturday afternoon with friends and family enjoying some succulent grilled meat and vegetables. Whether you prefer spending your summer outside your home or up in the mountains, a barbecue grill is a primary piece of equipment for any outdoor activity. It allows you to eat healthy meals on your countertop without compromising on taste. If it’s your first time buying the equipment or your outdoor cooking is made up of rust, flare-ups, and frustrations that only end up turning your food burning, knowing the right grill for you is key.

Instead of focusing purely on prices or getting what a friend or relative has, consider investing in a grill that matches your style. Do you prefer convenience and speed, or do you go for flavor and efficiency? Such questions can help you narrow down your choices and get a grill that matches your needs. Here are seven features every grill buyer should consider.


Most people overlook the importance of creating a budget and are frustrated by their prices when shopping for grills and beautiful shades of paint. If you don’t have a budget, it means you have not done enough research to understand or enquire about different grill sizes and prices. To create a realistic budget, you need to assess your needs and determine the brand and type of grill that matches all your needs. Once you know the price range, use the highest amount as your budget. This gives you enough room to explore more options and find even better deals. Don’t forget to add other expenses that come with the grill, such as fuel.

Frequency of Use

You also want to determine how frequently you will be using your grill and weigh your options for convenience, ease of cleaning, and utilities. Ideally, you want to get a grill that makes your work more manageable if you are grilling every day. Features such as easy-to-clean, durable, and affordable should be on your priority list.

Fuel Type

This is generally the first question your salesperson will ask when shopping for a grill. If you’re just starting your grilling journey, choosing the right type of fuel may appear more daunting, but you can use your needs to guide you. If you’re an outdoor person, a portable charcoal or propane gas grill might be an excellent choice for you. Propane is cleaner and easy to control. If you’re setting up your outdoor grill in your backyard, you can go for electricity, natural gas, or propane to fuel the grill, as this can be effectively connected from your house. If you want to achieve a smokey barbecue in a wide variety of flavors, you can go for charcoal grills. They are easy to maintain, affordable, and reliable.


Efficiency may mean different things to different grillers. For that reason, choose what works for you. For instance, efficiency for some people means grilling food with less fuel depending on the size, model, and manufacturer. Efficiency also means cooking food thoroughly within a few minutes or easy-to-start, cook, and clean. For others, efficiency means everything can be done with little effort. However, it’s essential to understand that different grills operate differently. For instance, if you want great-tasting food with a side serving of an exotic sauce, you might have to sacrifice enough time to start a fire and deal with smoke and flare-ups, as charcoal grills are known to cook the tastiest food.


Before making a final decision, always search for the brand online and get more information about it. Make sure it is a reputable brand that has been in business for more than five years. Brands such as Weber grills have a variety of grills to choose from depending on your needs, budget, and preference. A great brand will focus on producing quality grills made of durable materials, versatile designs, and additional accessories to improve your grilling experience. You want to invest in a brand that you can rely on for a straightforward replacement or refund if the item is faulty.


When it comes to size, you need to consider the size of the grill, car and outdoor space. If you intend to keep the grill in your backyard, you can check the space and determine the perfect size to buy. For smaller spaces, you can go for portable grills. Keep in mind that some grills require more space when expanded to accommodate plates, warming areas, and other items. Smaller grills can cook up to 18 burgers at once, while midsize grills can cook 28. Larger ones can cook 32 and above.

Additional Features and Accessories

Grills come with additional accessories and features to make your work easier when grilling. For instance, you can buy a grill with cabinets to keep plates, spoons, knives and other items needed when cooking and eating. Other grills will come with side tables to place cooked food, side burners to slow cook already done food, night lights to improve visibility when cooking at night, and rotisseries to turn the food and avoid burning your hands. If you’re an experienced griller, you can take advantage of these accessories to improve your grilling experience.

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