Most people regard a cozy home as one that is warm and inviting. It is a comfortable and welcoming space that is enjoyable to live in. Now that many people are spending more time in their homes and often work remotely, it is more important than ever that a home should have these qualities. Here are some tips to help you make your home into a more welcoming, cozy space.

1. Opt for electric radiators

Heating your home is important in the cold winter months and aside from using traditional radiators you should consider using the best electric radiators has many advantages. They offer a sustainable energy solution and allow you to save costs while saving the environment. You no longer have to resort to inefficient, cheap space heaters and ugly, old-fashioned radiators. Using the latest radiators means you can even use Wi-Fi to program them.

Wireless heaters from Best Electric Radiators, Haverland, Climastar or Dimplex are now available with Wi-Fi. They are versatile, suitable for any room in the house, and you can control them individually. These radiators are available in a range of colors and styles to suit the décor of your home.

2. Add warming textures

Clean, sleek textures seem to give off a cooler vibe, while more textured textiles have a warmer appeal. A couple of quality knitted throw blankets that coordinate with your living room colors will immediately make your home feel cozy.

Textured pillows will make your couches look warmer and more comfortable to sit on. Large jute or wool area rugs will be more comfortable to walk on than the bare floor. They can be a focal point in a room, and you can choose pillows and throws based on the colors of the rug.

3. Use natural textiles

Natural textiles like wool, linen, cotton, and silk tend to add warmth to your home. Synthetic textiles like polyester and nylon can work well in contemporary homes, but they often have a glossy sheen that reflects light rather than absorbing it. Natural textiles absorb light, and they also age gracefully.

They often look even more beautiful when they show signs of use. The new modern-rustic look mixes clean lines and natural materials. Think white walls with exposed beams with a vintage wool rug and a sofa upholstered in a modern fabric.

4. Create the right lighting

Using the right lighting is the best way to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Good home lighting is achieved through using multiple light sources that indirectly light the room.

In a living room, different lamps can all illuminate a different area but overlap with other lamps. This creates a beautiful, soft atmosphere that is lit up from various angles and different levels. A harsh overhead light can seriously kill the mood in a room, but ambient lighting is both cozy and inviting. An evenly-lit home is something to work towards if you want to create the right atmosphere.

5. Layer colors, textures and patterns

By layering textures, colors and patterns, you can create a more intimate, personal feeling. The layers all work together and play with the light in the space, so it works all through the day and in the evening.

Sunlit open spaces and soft, light fabrics create a casual and comfortable atmosphere. Plush cushions of various textures, colors and patterns offer an extra cozy seat to snuggle in. Earth tones brought in through cushions can add depth to the décor.

6. Use warm metals

Warm metals like gold, copper, brass and bronze can create a warmer feeling in your home. Warm metals traditionally play a part in warmer climates for functional and aesthetic reasons. Stay away from cool metals like silver, aluminum, and stainless steel if you want to create a warmer atmosphere. You can sometimes use them and still achieve a warm effect if you balance them out with other more warming items.

7. Incorporate wood

Incorporating wood in your home adds an organic and warm feel. Adding solid beams of wood to a ceiling immediately creates a warmer look. Wooden furniture has a natural beauty and grace and it is different from the wood used in the fireplace. A wooden sculpture or piece of driftwood can make a great focal point. Wood provides a great balance to metals and plastics.

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