More of the world’s population is projected to live in urban cities as urbanization increases. Those from rural areas find that cities promise more economic opportunities, educational choices, cultural variety, and proactive trading or businesses. Hence, the demand for condominiums is also becoming more apparent.

If you own that kind of property, perhaps you want to know how to turn it into the dream home you’ve always wanted to have. There are many ways to increase functionality while highlighting aesthetics at the same time. Don’t let the vast array of ideas out there overwhelm you; what’s important is to be aware of what you want and to turn to effective methods to achieve your design goals in no time.

You can transform your plain-looking condo unit into a cozy and unique home by following these interior design tips:

1. Think Of Your Condo’s Theme

Before starting on any improvements to your condo, the most crucial step is to decide on a theme. You want your home to feel cohesive, so figure out the look that you want to achieve for it. This’ll serve as your guide, like a mood board for events. Look into the different home interior themes featured on websites, social media, and magazines and stick to one that captures your heart. You may also gather ideas from home improvement TV shows or even the condo units of friends and family members.

A flowing style will bind all the corners and spaces of your home. It’ll enhance the overall identity and character of your dwelling place as well. With this, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you’ve carefully chosen pieces that complement one another. When you simply combine several types of décor here and there, you might not be happy with the outcome in the end. You might even want to redo the whole thing, which would be a waste of time, money, and effort.

If you’re unsure of what style to go for, you can first decide whether you want a contemporary design or a more classic and traditional style. After you choose and eventually narrow down your options, you can find an inspiration model unit you can mimic or use as a guide.

Stay on the lookout for certain styles to which your current one is already similar. You can save money from buying new furnishings or fixtures and opt for minimal changes instead. Take a shot at doing DIY if there are designs you want to follow that are doable depending on your skills.

2. Decide On The Colors

Each condo is equipped with a different layout, and its square footage also varies. While the walls and ceilings are already painted, you can either stick to those and work around the same color palette or completely change the house’s colors. It’s advisable to refer to a guide for DIY house painting if you wish to change the existing colors. To help you figure out which ones would best suit your unit, here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Light-Toned Hues

Soft blush pink, white, and beige colors bring out the lightness of your property. It makes the place seem fresh, warm, appealing to live in, and easier to design with other home components and features. Shades of white are a trendy choice of color for condos, so if you go for any of them, buyers would be attracted to your home should you decide to sell in the future.

  • Dark-Toned Colors

Gray and blue are getting popular these days because of how contemporary and chic they are. These shades are perfect if your home has excellent lighting; the dark colors would add luxury and elegance to your condo. They can also make it appear far more spacious.

Dark colors are easy to pair with other colors in terms of furniture, beddings, curtains, and rugs. The key is to mix and match the color palettes together to establish the right combinations.

  • Bright Colors

If you want to be bolder than usual and go for an exciting color palette for your condo, that’s also feasible. Doing so would make your home quirky, interesting, vibrant, and lively in an instant.

There are modern houses that come with bright color textures. You may check out some inspiration model houses, but make sure to choose the right color combinations so they won’t appear too strong or overwhelming for the eyes.

3. Decide On A Focal Point Or Area

The next step is to determine which focal points in your condo you would like to highlight. Compared to single-family homes, condos have less space, so there can’t be too many elements that disrupt someone’s attention all at the same time. It’s wise to choose one focal point; it can be a wall, a centerpiece, a painting, a window, or even furniture. This’ll enable your guests to pay attention to this specific part of your property more than the others.

Go for unique and beautiful furniture if you want it to be the focal point. As condo units tend to be smaller in area size, it’s easier to decide where to place your focal point. You can also make the condo appear larger than it really is by using focal points to your advantage.

If you wish to use furniture as the main focus of your unit, you can find functional sofas that don’t take up too much of the floor space. If you want your condo to seem taller, you can be clever about your lighting fixtures and use them as a focal point, too. Regardless of the focal point you select, ensure that it’ll make your condo more visually appealing and spacious at the same time.

The use of mirrors in rooms creates the illusion of depth. They also reflect the natural light that comes into your home during the day. Don’t hesitate to place them in any area in the condo, be it the living room or even your powder room or bathroom. Among other places, you can hang a mirror above your sofa, on the dining room wall, or over the bed. Positioning the mirror correctly means the top third should be in line with the average eye height. Check out the many kinds of designs for house mirrors and choose those that fit your home’s modern or traditional theme.

4. Decorate Efficiently

It can be a lot of fun to design the interior of a condo, and you don’t have to break the bank when doing so due to the limited space you’ll work with. Unlike splurging on designs for bigger houses, just a few investments will be enough to elevate your condo unit’s overall look. Here are some specific tips you can incorporate when decorating your interiors:

  • Create Dividers Or Barriers

A condo unit might not have enough rooms for you to tell right away which area has a specific purpose. One way to solve this issue is to use dividers or barriers, but they don’t need to consume space. You can use furniture like shelves, cabinets, or tables as dividers. Your living room can be set apart from the kitchen thanks to the dining table as a space divider, for instance.

  • Use Furniture That Comes With Many Uses

Having a small condo doesn’t mean you have to live with constraints. You’re still entitled to buy furniture you want in your home. The key is to be smart about its placement in your space. Try to move your furnishings around and find the perfect place for them to serve their function efficiently without crowding the area. For example, rather than going for built-in cabinets, you can go for movable ones so you can still change their position from time to time.

Modular furniture works well in any condo unit without creating bulk in the space. You can go for modular pieces that are foldable, space-saving, functional, and sleek. Choose options that are sturdy so you’ll be able to maximize their use for a long time.

  • Choose Accessories

Your condo can be improved with accessories. Being creative is the key to making them work for your property.

As mentioned, mirrors are your best friend in making your space seem larger and more illuminated. There are also hanging shelves that can help you save space when you want to display books and ornaments. Go for wall shelves as a means of keeping your home clutter-free.

It’s an equally good idea to invest in a TV mount to save space instead of putting it on a table or counter. But the problem with some entertainment centers is that they tend to hog space, so choose one in a size that’s appropriate for your condo. If you use the right storage unit for your tech tools and gadgets, you’ll be able to free up space and keep everything organized.

  • Maximize The Use Of Dead Space

Check all the hidden nooks and corners of your condo unit, and you’ll probably find some usable dead spaces. Custom cabinetry can be placed under the bed to create hidden storage. If your condo comes with stairs, you can also make use of the space under them. There can be shelves or a small library in that particular area.

5. Incorporate Murals Or Art Pieces

Many condo owners love to accentuate their properties with a removable wall mural. This is undoubtedly one of people’s favorites among condo interior decorating ideas. The ease of installation and removal of the mural makes it ideal for apartment renters around the globe.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing the designs and colors for it. It can be a painting, a sketch, a photograph, a large wall art or any art form that can instantly liven up your home. Often, the mural is even used as the focal point of a condo. Learn how to arrange wall art so you can make the most of this decorative piece in unique ways.

The presence of statement art in a modern interior, whether it’s abstract or impressionistic, will never fail to impress. Don’t overdo it, however. It’s better to go for just one major artwork rather than multiple pieces that might end up looking messy.

6. Add Enough Storage Solutions

Your place might appear cluttered if you have a limited amount of storage space. Reorganize your life with new storage ideas to create a more comfortable home. All kinds of shelves, hidden drawers, hanging cabinets, and similar options to store your items are available in home improvement stores. With so many items to keep that’ll likely increase in number over time, you can never have too many storage spaces.

7. Think Of Greenery

interior design spacious bright studio apartment in Scandinavian style and warm pastel white and beige colors. trendy furniture in the living area and modern details in the kitchen area.

No matter what size your space, using plants as décor is one of the best ideas you can try. Indoor plants not only look great but may also improve your home’s air quality. The advantages of having them are numerous, offering psychological and physical benefits such as improving your mood, decreasing your stress and worries, enhancing your focus and work performance, and promoting healing.

There’s a plethora of styles, sizes, and colors available for house plants. You can always go for those that don’t require much time and labor to care for. The secret is to find the right plant, place it in an appropriate pot, and display it in a suitable area in your home.

8. Accentuate Using Geometric Designs

You can quickly transform a bland and dull condo into an elegant and stylish one with refined geometric shapes and patterns. Anyone who sees them would think that the entire home is up-to-date and modern-looking. Geometric themes are straightforward to design and implement. They work great in any contemporary space.

Generally, simple geometric forms are found in home design accessories, furniture, rugs, and curtains, among others. It’s always the right step to try to incorporate geometrics into your interior design. Thankfully, there are many brands and pieces available on the market that feature them. A geometric theme can provide a fresh, new look if you want to get rid of your old and outdated home style.


Your condo is your personal haven, so just as you would with any other type of home, it’s essential to personalize it and maximize the property’s interior design potential. Hopefully, with the helpful tips in this article, you can transform your space into the dream abode you’ve always yearned for.

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