Painting your house improves its curb appeal, increases its market value, and could help personalize your home to suit your style and taste. But like most other things, painting could turn things from bad to worse if done improperly. You’d have to know what you’re doing if you want a stunning paint job that could get heads turning in admiration of your house.

Whether you do a house paint job yourself or through a professional, you must involve yourself from start to finish. To help you get the best job done, here’s a guide to take you through the steps.

Doing It Yourself

Like most homeowners, your first thought might be to get a professional to give your house that fresh coat of ralph lauren paint you’ve been wanting. But the truth is, at times, the cost of doing it yourself is significantly lower and quite tempting. Apart from its cost-saving advantage, doing it yourself has other benefits, including flexible schedule management and the pleasure it could give you.

Moreover, painting your home by yourself is an opportunity to check out your house up-close. It could allow you to discover if some parts of your house need fixing.

Picking A Color

Selecting a color could be one of the best parts of the housing painting project. It’s a delicate process that could determine the success or failure of the project. Look at it this way, if you’re painting your house to resell it, then the color you pick has to have a general appeal to potential buyers. Going with neutral color schemes usually works best in such scenarios.

Otherwise, when you choose a color for your home’s exterior, you should choose one that suits the structure of your house and neighborhood. The color must blend well with the environment to give your house a stunning look. On the other hand, the interior paint could be anything that may go with your style and personality.

Best Time To Paint

Avoid painting your house if there’s too much moisture on the walls. When it’s raining, painting a wall isn’t a good idea as the paint may not dry well. The temperature could also affect the process of curing paint.

On the other hand, if there’s direct sunshine on the walls, paint could dry with some unattractive waves and ripples since it may dry before everything settles down. On the other hand, if it’s too cold, the paint will take a lot of time to dry, and any small debris or particles may stick to it, which can ruin the paint job.

The best time to paint is, therefore, late spring, early fall, or summer. Painting between morning and mid-day could give you the best temperatures to allow the paint to cure and dry with the best results.

House Painting Tips

To make the paint job problem-free, here are a few tips to consider before you start:

  • Take time to fill in any holes and cracks with filler or putty.
  • Think of each wall or side as a separate project. Doing so can help you focus and make the task less daunting.
  • Get quality paint and primer.

How To Paint Your Walls

If you’re going to do a DIY painting project, you may need to research a bit about different painting techniques. All the same, here are a few instructions to get you started.

  • Clean the house and scrape off loose paint.
  • Cover or remove any obstructions and put some caulk on thin cracks.
  • Inspect the house’s siding and fix any major problems.
  • Mask off windows, lights, and other areas with painter’s tape.
  • Lay down the coat of paint, and don’t forget to paint the trim.

Hiring Professional Painters

man with paintbrush painting wooden house exterior

House painting on your own can be taxing and stressful. Even if you know that you could do it yourself, sometimes it’s a headache you may want to avoid, and you would rather have professionals do it for you.

The main advantages of going with professionals include the following:

  • They usually come as a team, which means they’ll likely complete the job much quicker than you would on your own.
  • They come with all the painting tools required. These may include state-of-the-art paint sprayers, ladders, and scaffolding. You can buy them, of course, but if you’re only going to use them once every five years, it makes sense that you don’t.
  • Professional painters will typically do a better job than you.

However, remember that you should always do some background checks and be sure that the professionals you’ll get know what they’re doing.


Painting a house can be a lot of fun, but it needs planning and a lot of decision-making. Hopefully, the tips and suggestions discussed here will shed enough light to make the experience enjoyable and valuable.

Jackson Martin

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