It’s not exactly tough to sell a home right now in most markets — but homes with certain desirable features are even hotter and can fetch even better prices. When it comes to the features that buyers want to see, outdoor recreation areas consistently top the list. That means now could be a great time to install the deck, gazebo or outdoor kitchen kit you’ve been dreaming of. However, with so many options for adding outdoor features, how can you determine which ones are worth your time and money? We’ll talk about eight outdoor features that will truly make your home stand out and potentially increase the value when executed right.

1. Kitchens and Dining Areas

If you’re looking for an outdoor addition that will improve your home’s value, an outdoor kitchen is definitely among the top options. According to the New York Times, studies have shown a potential 2.2 percent increase in sale price for homes with outdoor kitchens — among the highest of any outdoor upgrade. Outdoor kitchens can include a grill, a stove, a mini fridge, a sink and almost any other feature of an indoor kitchen. Many outdoor kitchens are also designed as a unit with a matching outdoor dining room area. While an outdoor kitchen can be a pricey investment, options like all-in-one outdoor kitchen kits can bring the price tag down considerably while still giving you an enviable outdoor cooking setup.

2. Pizza Oven

If you think an outdoor pizza oven seems like a marginal feature, you underestimate how much people like pizza kept over the countertop! The same survey that found outdoor kitchens to be a great investment also indicated a whopping 3.4 percent increase in home prices from listings that mentioned outdoor pizza ovens. These old-school ovens are great for entertaining, and they give you the opportunity to dazzle your guests with delicious pizza recipes. Plus, their wood-fired design will give your food the heavenly taste that only real wood can bring. Like many other outdoor features, however, they do require maintenance to keep them clean and in good order.

3. Electrical Outlets

No matter what you use them for, outdoor electrical sockets make any outdoor space more versatile. Once your property has outdoor outlets, all kinds of possibilities open up, such as outdoor home offices and entertainment centers. Plus, even if the next buyer wants to do something different with the patio, they’ll appreciate the ability to plug in their outdoor TV, pellet grill or margarita machine. Installing an outdoor outlet isn’t something most homeowners should do themselves, but a qualified electrician can do it fairly quickly. Weatherproof covers for outlet boxes are a must-have, as are ground fault circuit interrupters for preventing dangerous electrical faults.

4. Landscaping

Upgraded landscaping with ultradecks can is a game-changer when it comes to attracting great offers for your home. For starters, landscaping is a huge part of your home’s curb appeal. A beautifully landscaped property will make an immediate positive impression on buyers — the kind of thing that says “Yep, this is the one!” Great landscaping also improves your home’s other outdoor spaces by giving them an attractive, complementary setting. Your outdoor reading area can become a green sanctuary, and your outdoor dining room or bar can offer beautiful plants as conversation pieces. If you want to see your backyard from a whole new perspective (and encourage buyers to see the same), landscaping is a great choice.

5. Lighting

Lighting is another crucial element of an outdoor space’s presentation and functionality. For one thing, it allows people to continue enjoying their food, drinks, games and conversation after dark. That’s a must for getting maximum value and enjoyment out of your outdoor space. When it comes to selling, well-designed exterior lighting can impress buyers even if they’re not touring the house at night. With some good photography, it can make a stunning addition to your listing that will have buyers running to set up showings. On a deeper level, though, it’s the kind of feature that shows real effort to make your outdoor space a fully functional turn-key addition that they can begin enjoying immediately.

6. Outbuildings

High quality outbuildings can be impressive add-ons to almost any property. A simple garden shed is great for storage, but it can be a genuine selling point if it has features such as electricity that make it suitable as a studio or home office. Bigger and more complex structures such as greenhouses and detached garages can be even more enticing for the right buyer. Maintenance is key for outbuildings. Your shed or detached garage can quickly become a headache if allowed to go to seed. Generally, you only want to add a feature such as an outbuilding if you know you’ll use it yourself; otherwise, it can be oh-so-tempting to defer necessary maintenance.

7. Outdoor WiFi Service

Homeowners now expect the ability to use digital devices outdoors, especially on properties with large or elaborate outdoor spaces. On top of that, smart home devices like wireless security cameras and WiFi pellet grills require outdoor WiFi connections. That’s why a patio that’s set up for WiFi access is another feature that can pique the interest of today’s home buyers. Of course, great outdoor WiFi service requires a high speed broadband connection. Start by investing in a fiber internet connection if it’s available in your area. Then, check out options like range extenders for outdoor WiFi. A waterproof extender is always a good idea — and for some setups, it will be a must-have to sell the network equipment as part of the property when listing it.

8. Fencing

A fenced-in yard is another highly desirable feature for homeowners who want to let their dogs and/or kids play outside in a safe environment. It’s a sought-after feature among privacy-conscious buyers, and it can be something closer to a necessity if you live in a dense neighborhood where there’s little buffer zone between outdoor spaces. Like outbuildings, fences need to be attractive and well-maintained to increase value. Choose a style of fence that matches your home and your outdoor spaces. You might also consider options like hedges and vine trellises if a fence isn’t your style, although it’s still crucial to be aware of the maintenance responsibilities that come with each.

Jackson Martin

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