Many bathrooms today are a definitive showcase of their owners’ style and personality, and many of us are prioritising our bathrooms and making them a real place of relaxation and pampering. However, if you are thinking of upgrading your existing bathroom or are building an entirely new one from scratch, certain elements can give your bathroom that unique “wow” factor – which brings us to freestanding baths. Freestanding baths are a quintessential symbol of style and elegance for any bathroom, and whilst you can always go for a classic and timeless claw-footed tub, there are now a plethora of designs, styles, and shapes from which you could choose. But why else is it a great addition to the bathroom? Here’s a look at the best advantages of installing a freestanding bath in your bathroom – so you can cement your choice.

1. It comes in unique, innovative designs

As already mentioned, the freestanding baths of today aren’t just comprised of the well-known claw-footed model. There are plenty of styles and shapes in store for you, whether you’re looking for something with a traditional theme to suit your traditional bathroom or a modern theme to go perfectly well with your contemporary bathroom. To give you an idea – common styles nowadays include slipper baths, deep soaking tubs, double-ended baths, baths fit for two people, and more. The shapes can vary as well, from classic oval to rectangular to round.

2. You can select from different materials

Today’s freestanding baths are also a lot more versatile when it comes to material. Acrylic reinforced with fibre resin is a popular material combination for a freestanding bath because it strengthens the tub and makes it easier to maintain. It lasts for a long time, too. What makes it even more attractive to many homeowners are its affordability and heat retention. But you can also opt for cast iron, stone, or even wood, although the first two materials may be quite heavy, so you have to make sure that your flooring can handle the extra weight. If not, you may need to reinforce it.

3. It ranges in size from small and compact to extra large

Even if your bathroom is on the small side, it’s not an issue – you can always go for something smaller and more compact. Sizes vary depending on your needs, and if you have a larger bathroom, you can select something more striking, such as a tub set on a pedestal. Alternatively, you can install one in a corner against the wall, but you can also install one in the middle of your bathroom to serve as a beautiful focal point.

Furthermore, placing your freestanding bath in the center allows your space to look bigger since you can see underneath the bath and showcase your tiles or other decorative features like Mastercraft doors. Another aspect that makes freestanding baths an excellent choice is that it is easier to clean around and underneath the tub.

4. It’s relatively easy to install

In terms of installation, freestanding baths are relatively easy to install, particularly when you compare them to built-in baths where you would need a contractor to fix a surround and caulk it in place. In most cases, it takes less expense to install a freestanding bath compared to an alcove bath.

Jackson Martin

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