Christmas is one of the most important holidays for many. It is a special occasion where people get a break from their monotonous schedule and spend quality time with their dearest ones. From indulgent feasts to gift exchanges, Christmas has many amazing activities.

One such fun activity is decorating your home for the holidays. The holiday decorations available in the stores are quite charming and already sets the holiday mood. To be more unique and add a personal touch to your Christmas decor, you can make your own Christmas decor.

You can consider making Christmas ornaments out of resin. Resin is long-lasting and can make beautiful trinkets. Making Christmas decoration pieces out of resin is an enjoyable activity. This article will guide you through the process of making customized DIY resin ornaments that will impress everyone.

An Introduction to Resin Crafts

One might ask what is resin craft? Any craft made out of Epoxy resin is known as resin craft. It is basically a transparent and thick liquid mixed with a polyamine hardener making it rock solid when dried. It is better to know that it could be a little messy.

Nevertheless, making crafts with it is always fun. Usually, adults are only recommended to make resin crafts, older children and teenagers can also use resin to make Christmas ornaments. However, some supervision is imperative when little kids try to help out with this kind of craft.

Adorning your home with captivating and chic resin ornaments that you made yourself is always a great way to transform your interiors.

What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin is a material that is made from a mixture of liquid resin and hardener. This material is used for different purposes, one of which is making charming decorative pieces. A chemical reaction starts when the suitable resin and hardener are mixed.

The reaction lasts for several hours and involves radiating heat. This reaction causes the liquid resin mixture to harden into a solid. The ratio of the resin and hardener plays a vital role in curing the material perfectly. It is quite easy to purchase hardener and epoxy resin as they usually come together in a kit.

However, it can be quite expensive buying from craft stores. You can also buy from reputable online sites like Amazon at an affordable price. There are multiple brands available, go for the one that has good reviews.

Using Silicone Molds

There are different types of resin molds available. You need a mold for your ornaments to have a defined shape. You can use the regular sphere silicone molds available in stores. Since you will be making Christmas ornaments, choose the holiday-themed silicone molds.

When selecting a mold, you need to make sure that the inside is shiny. The shiny texture will ensure a lustrous and smooth resin ornament when you take it out of the mold. However, if you only find molds that are matte on the inside, you can still use them. Simply apply a thin coat of shiny Mod Podge to the fully dry resin charm when using matte silicone molds.

Things to Remember When Working with Epoxy Resin

When you are making charming trinkets with resin, you should remember a few factors. Here are some steps to follow:

  • You must measure the hardener and resin carefully. Their ratio should be exactly 1:1
  • The two parts should be mixed thoroughly. It is wise to mix for at least 5 to 10 minutes, otherwise your resin ornament will not set properly and the end result will be sticky.
  • You also need to make sure not to get too much air into the mixture while mixing it. If air enters into the mixture, air bubble will form.
  • If you see bubbles on the resin surface after pouring the molds, use a lighter to pop the bubbles gently.
  • Avoid using paper stickers to embed in your ornament. Use metal or plastic ones. Paper stickers will dissolve into the resin mixture and make it look cloudy.
  • If you are going to use letter beads, insert them backward, as they will be viewed from the other side of the piece.
  • Fine glitter will settle to the bottom of the mold, so keep that in mind. Wait for the bottom of the resin to set for a few hours if you want fine glitter on the back. When the bottom half has dried, sprinkle the glitter on top.
  • Remember that large or chunky glitters do not sink, so they can be inserted right away.

Making the Resin Ornaments

Making resin ornaments is quite simple. Just follow the steps and you will end up with a mesmerizing finished piece.

Materials You’ll Need

  • 1/2 Cup Epoxy Resin
  • 1/2 Cup Hardener
  • Silicone mold
  • Disposable plastic container
  • Wooden stick
  • Small forceps (optional)
  • Small stickers of your choice (no paper stickers)
  • Chunky glitter in your preferred color
  • Jewelry eye pin (cut to length)
  • Lighter


  1. First, carefully measure equal parts of hardener and epoxy resin in a plastic container. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging and mix the ingredients thoroughly.
  2. After being mixed, gently pour into the molds to minimize air bubble formation.
  3. Then remove the air bubbles on the surface by using a lighter. The lighter’s heat on the resin surface will make bubbles burst.
  4. Place your stickers carefully into the mold. Use only plastic or metal stickers. Avoid using stickers made of paper. You can use forceps to place the stickers without getting your hands messy.
  5. If you are using chunky glitter, sprinkle them on the surface right away. If you are planning to use fine glitter, sprinkle them over the resin surface after a few hours.
  6. If you are planning to hang your ornament, insert the jewelry pin. Before doing so, cut the wire to make sure that it does not go too far down the ornament.
  7. You need to wait around 10 hours for the resin to partly set and gently remove it from the mold. Then insert the jewelry eye pin into the top of the ornament.
  8. Let the resin be completely set for 24 hours and then remove it carefully from the mold.


Making personalized Christmas ornaments is a great way to add a personal touch to your holiday-themed home decor. It is also a fun activity where you can get the kids involved and spend quality time. It’s also a great room decor idea for students and you can still have a Christmas vibe in your dorm room.

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