Not everyone has the time to maintain a backyard (or a front yard for that matter), but green-thumbed or not, no one wants their outdoor space to look unkept and messy. The trouble is, when you live a busy life, things can quickly get out of hand.

Luckily, there are several ways you can avoid the shame that comes with a lackluster garden. There are so many low-maintenance garden ideas out there to suit everyone and their garden type, as well as their budget. Here are some of the best minimum-effort garden ideas that you can try if you’re not into mowing your lawn and spending hours pruning plants.

Raised Planters

You might be thinking plants of any kind are high maintenance, but this isn’t necessarily the case, especially when you use planters. Containers and raised planters allow you to effectively grow plants without the worry of weeds taking hold, meaning you don’t need to spend time weeding. You also don’t need to get down on your hands and knees to tend to your plants – they can be raised to your height. This is ideal for those with disabilities or mobility issues.

On top of this, it’s easy to switch out container displays, allowing you to tailor your plants to your changing preferences.


Boxwood shrubs are excellent for those seeking a low maintenance garden option that looks good. They’re commonly placed around the borders of a garden to provide privacy, but they also make good alternatives to flower borders which can often take up a lot of time and energy.

Shrubs tend to be slow growers, meaning they only need pruning once a year in most cases. They can survive in both the sun and shade, making them an option for everyone. What’s more, they won’t go brown in winter, so even in the colder months, your garden will stay looking green and pristine.


Garden wildlife is dying out, but there is an easy way you can encourage little critters to thrive, and that’s in the form of wildflowers. If you’re not into perfectly pruned borders or planters, an easy yet equally as stunning solution is to create a wildflower patch.

As the name suggests, wildflowers are native plants that tend to attract lots of lovely wildlife. The beauty of a wildflower patch is that you don’t need to do anything with it. Simply plant a good variety of wildflowers in a corner of your garden and watch as they attract lots of bees, butterflies and more.

Some of the wildflowers you can plant in your garden include:

  • Marigolds
  • Morning Glories
  • Cosmos
  • Blanket Flowers

These are just some of the wildflowers you can plant in a patch in your garden.

Artificial Grass

The final low maintenance garden idea you can implement is in the form of artificial lawn. Grass is often the biggest time taker in a backyard, and if you don’t have just the right amount of sunlight and water, it can go patchy and brown. If you have children, pets or furniture, this can also have an impact on your lawn health.

Whether you’re in New York or Bexley, artificial grass can work for everyone. It is more of an investment than the other options we’ve mentioned, but it’s ideal if you have no time to manicure your lawn.


Hopefully these suggestions will help you in creating the ideal low maintenance garden for your space! Remember to get flood check hoses to avoid getting into flood check scams. Do you have any tips you have found useful for keeping your garden looking great all year round but without the associated effort and hassle?

Morgan Wilson

Morgan Wilson, holding a Master's in Horticulture from Cornell University, has been an influential figure in gardening and landscape design for over 15 years. Before this, he worked as a landscape designer and a horticultural therapist. He has provided insights into organic gardening, native landscaping, and urban gardening solutions. Her background includes working in public gardens and environmental education. He is a nature photographer in her spare time and participates in community greening projects. He is also a great birdwatcher and enjoys creating wildlife-friendly garden spaces.

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