You can decorate your backyard without the hassle of getting extra furniture or oversized plants. Varying lights can help you create an ambience. With the cost-effective and energy-efficient lights from Kato, you can make your backyard feel more lively.

Ways to Liven Up your Backyard

Decorating your backyard with lights can be fun, and you can get very creative with it. String lights, recessed lights, colourful LED bulbs, or just basic light bulbs; there is no specific way to decorate your backyard, nor is there a strict method to it. You can create an ambiance that aligns with your preference.

Light Up The Pathway

If you have a walkway that leads to your house’s entrance from the front gate, you can use circular in-ground fixtures to light up the way. The trek to your home from the gate can look more delightful. The cost-effective LED bulbs or the light bulbs in the fixtures illuminate the walkway and create a nice ambiance.

Japanese Inspired Paper Lanterns

These beautiful paper lanterns look especially great when hanging them at various lengths. If you place some lanterns high and some low, it can give your space a fun look. But regardless of how you arrange them, they will make your backyard look lovely.

Hardscape Lighting

The hardscape lighting is always a great way to illuminate your walls or stairs. The recessed lights in the stone make the otherwise blank concrete look more fun. The dark and inviting look of hardscape lighting is very popular, and can go well with an industrial or dark minimalist design.

Glowing Globes across The Fence

Globes of light spread across a white fence can look absolutely charming. The luminous light bulbs situated within the white cover of the lantern provide a lovely glow through day and night. Plus, they would cast a soft glow on the street in front of your house.

Illuminate Water Features

Lighting up your pool or the tub in your backyard can make it a highlight of your home. Since a tub or a pool is already the main focus of a yard, it wouldn’t be too difficult. You can add lights underwater or around the pool, which can help illuminate the pool and your yard.

Plant Lights within Trees

If you have an oak tree or any big enough tree, you can decorate it with string lights with small light bulbs or fairy lights. Hang them up in thick branches or weave them in-between leaves; it all depends on the look you want to achieve.

Stake Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches can release citronella oil, which can be useful in driving away mosquitoes. Granted, it can only keep away mosquitoes for a distance of 1 meter. They do add a tropical charm however, to your backyard.

Install Outdoor Electrical Fireplace

An outdoor electrical fireplace is great for people who love lounging on the porch with a lit fireplace. An outdoor electrical fireplace feels just like a regular fireplace, except that it’s more environmentally friendly. There’s no hassle for the manpower it takes to collect wood or to start an actual fire.

Wrap LED Bulbs around Trunks And Bushes

Spread out cute, multi-coloured energy-efficient LED bulbs across bushes and around trunks, then step back and take in those beautiful bushes. It supports the earthy tones of bushes and trunks with a splash of red, blue, green, and yellow.

Add Solar Lights

Solar lighting is what’s popular in the market right now since it’s cost-effective. The latest fashion has taken over, and for good reason. You can save plenty of electricity by buying energy-efficient solar lights. They recharge during the day and glow during the night. The various colour options they come in are a definite bonus. You can never go wrong with multi-coloured solar lights.

How Is Kato Electric The Right Option?

With all these different lighting setups or different fixtures, you can’t plant yourself. This is where a professional comes in; someone with knowledge and experience. You don’t want someone experimenting in your backyard, which can waste time and money.

The neighbouring electrician, while cheap, may not be the right person for the job. Inexperienced technicians could do more damage in the long run. Electrician North Vancouver, however, are qualified, experienced, and the best electricians in North Vancouver.

It is imperative to Kato to meet your needs, while exceeding your expectations. Our goal is to be as efficient and professional as possible. Our priority is the customer and their desires. We have North Vancouver’s fully licensed and best electricians, and you can depend on our services to be on-point and up to par.

Our business is reliable, and we have many accomplishments and achievements that set us aside from any other electrician North Vancouver. The electricians we employ have the necessary skills, training, and qualifications to perform well. Electrician North Vancouver is the person who will bring your vision to life.

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