We spend the majority of our time indoors. We don’t have enough time or flexibility, whether at work or at home, to interact with nature. But what if there was a solution to this problem? What if we could bring nature into our homes?

That is what biophilic design is all about. It all comes down to incorporating natural elements into your business and home so that you can be surrounded by nature even if you spend the majority of your time indoors and only installing the best water softeners will not serve the purpose.

Biophilic design has been found in studies to reduce overall stress levels, improve attention and focus, improve mood, and increase productivity.

Continue reading to discover biophilic design concepts that might assist you in incorporating nature into your business or home. Using these concepts along with a floor plan creator may prove to be extraordinarily beneficial for you.


Plants are one of the simplest ways to bring nature into offices and homes. Add plants wherever you can. Plants offer numerous advantages and are excellent suppliers of oxygen. They help our concentration and general mental condition by cleaning the air.


Any space’s life source is natural light. Although artificial lighting might make up for a lack of natural light, it is far from ideal. People’s overall well-being and energy levels will improve with large windows that let in lots of light and provide a glimpse of the outdoors.

“Excess CO2 levels can reduce productivity,” says Ben Channon. “The effects can make people feel sluggish, almost as if they’ve had a few beers,” says the author.

Opening a window may not be sufficient – not to mention unappealing in the dead of winter or if you live near a busy road. Fortunately, there are alternatives, ranging from basic fans and trickle vents to more complex ventilation and air-purifying systems, some of which are plug-in portables or can be retrofitted into walls or ceilings. Consult an expert to determine which method will work best in your home.

Materials derived from nature

Using natural materials like wood and stone to decorate a workstation or house is a terrific way to bring the outdoors in. Wood and stone are abundant in nature, and using these elements in a place will make the residents feel more connected to it.

Warm colors

If you want to incorporate biophilic design trends into your rooms, don’t be afraid to use colors, especially natural ones. Using more vibrant and warmer colors, even if it’s simply for an accent wall or decor items, can have a detrimental impact on mood and performance. The majority of interior design and office design software packages feature color palettes that you may include in your designs.

Areas that are outside

If the organization you’re creating for has outside space, incorporate chairs or even outdoor workplaces to encourage employees to spend more time outdoors. The same can be said for home design: expanding outside space encourages people to spend more time outside.

Include wood in your design

The theory of biophilia — the belief that humans have an inbuilt attraction to nature – is supported by using natural materials in the home.

One study compared the use of wood and steel as wall paneling materials while also measuring the participants’ blood pressure and stress levels. Even among individuals who didn’t like the aesthetic of the panels, it was discovered that, whereas steel had a propensity to raise levels, wood consistently kept blood pressure, tension, and a sensation of low depression.

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