There’s less than a month to go for Christmas. Yes, it is that festive time again! After being through unusual circumstances, shutdowns, and following social distancing throughout the year, it is time to plan some exciting stuff for your dear and near ones. Christmas is when you get together with your families and friends, exchange gifts, party, and enjoy quality time.

If you are planning to throw a Christmas party but aren’t sure how and where to entertain your guests, well, we have some simple ideas for you.

You need to get things arranged like meals, seating, and drinks for your invitees who arrive and leave your place at their convenience. It is common for people to think of celebrating Christmas at home, usually inside, in the living room or on the ultradeck, but can you think of a unique way to celebrate the festival this year?

People are sick of staying home during the pandemic and want a change while still staying safe. We suggest you entertain your guests this Christmas around your swimming pool, right in your backyard. Adorning your outdoor space with decor from Decorator’s Warehouse welcomes you into the Christmas spirit, allowing you to create a resort-party ambiance while keeping everyone safe. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Reasons to celebrate Christmas around the pool

More space

As you are aware, we are still in the midst of a pandemic and it is important to follow safe distancing. When you celebrate Christmas by your fibreglass pool, you get sufficient space to safely accommodate your guests. Nobody likes crowded areas or would want to get cramped inside a living room.

Comfortable seating

Secondly, seating becomes easier when you choose to entertain your guests by the pool. You can invite more guests and ensure they are seated without you having to go through any hassle. Plastic chairs are inexpensive and ideal for seating your guests. They are also easily available and stackable, making them a good option for the Christmas party.

Cleanliness inside your home

You can also save considerably on energy bills since you will not need to run your air conditioning system all through the day. As your guests will be seated outside in the pleasant weather by the pool, you will have only a few people that walk into your house. This also avoids muddy footprints, allowing you to maintain cleanliness along the walkways.

Scope for fun

When you have a Christmas party by your fibreglass pool, entertaining becomes more casual and easier. Plan cooking outside if you have a barbecue so you can chat and laugh with your guests while being able to cook delicious recipes. Further, if the weather is ideal for a swim, encourage your guests to get into the waters. Swim along with them and create nice memories. Don’t forget to ask your guests to get their swimmers when you invite them!

You can also plan some water games for children and make the event fun. Kids love water and would be more than glad to play in the pool with their cousins and friends. However, take care when kids enter your pool. They need to be supervised by an adult, no matter how good they are at swimming.

Create Christmas theme in your backyard

Now you’ve decided to host your Christmas party by your pool, it is time to explore ways to bring the festive cheer to your backyard. How do you create a Christmas-themed pool space?

A Christmas atmosphere by the pool is not that hard to create. You can start with some gorgeous lights. Garland the railings with some evergreen branches. Add a few poinsettias here and there. If you have floating candles, now is the time to use them!

But what really brings the Christmas mood to your pool space are the inflatables. They come in all possible shapes and sizes, so if Santa is the main theme, you can get a custom inflatable Santa standing near the cake table and several themed floaties for the pool itself. Plus, they add a touch of fun and whimsy that is perfect for a holiday party.

Decorate the pool plants

Bringing Christmas theme to your pool area is no big deal. Decorate the plants and trees in your backyard garden and add some festive colors to the poolside entertaining space. Christmas lights can be a great option too. You can use tinsel to wrap the plants near the pool, so they appear more like small Christmas trees.

Get creative, think out of the box

You can further boost the decor by placing some scented and colorful candles on the tables. See if you can add some balloons and lights to match the theme. Red, white, green and gold align well with Christmas, so get creative and find ways to incorporate these colors into your decor.

Since you are celebrating by the pool, you can make a Santa with beach towel and sunglasses. It will look innovative while perfectly syncing with your decoration.

If you are planning music and dance, you have a great taste! Get some floating speakers so you can enjoy the music while relaxing in the pool.

Plan simple yet delicious food

When you host a party, you should be able to enjoy it too. Don’t make cooking complicated, instead plan simple barbecued meals and fingered foods. These are only suggestions, you can think of even simpler ideas and avoid complexity.

For instance, barbecued lamb, sausage sandwiches and veg paper rolls are delicious recipes that can be cooked quickly. You can prepare them in no time while your guests will be happy to taste them. You are free to choose the fillings though. The best part is you don’t need to have plates to eat these meals. This means, you reduce dishwashing.

Celebrate this Christmas in style

Make this Christmas simple to host and high on entertainment. By choosing your large, small or medium fibreglass pool area for your Christmas party, you’ll have a uniquely special place to enjoy with family and friends.

The size of your pool doesn’t matter. Simply get creative and decorate the space with beautiful colors and attractive stuff. Your Christmas gathering will be happy to be a part of the event.

Contact your local pool company

If you are looking to upgrade your pool or want to give a makeover to the pool space, get in touch with your local pool builder right away. The pool company will visit your place and work to transform your pool and the surrounding. Get it ready before Christmas arrives, so you’ll have a beautiful space to accommodate your gathering.

2020 has been very unusual. Play it safe.

Enjoy Christmas party with your close ones around your pool. Host one of a kind entertainment and get appreciated.

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