In this article we will speak about the fantastic online Solitaire Social. As you begin winning competitions, in-game money will materialize on your game account as awards. So we’ll explain what they’re for. You earn your personal Garden after winning your fifth tournament!

Lily (your lovely neighbor) is a fantastic gardener who is eager to show you how to utilize your Garden and even offer you extra virtual money! What is more, in case you don’t know something, don’t be shy to call Lily. She is constantly present and willing to support you if you require it. The Garden’s entry is on the left of the screen, and you may access it by selecting the blue button “Enter the Garden”.

When you have access to the Garden, you may do whatever you want with it: renovate structures, purchase decor, and create the Garden much more unique by collecting awards from competitions! Moreover, Lily owns her private Shop with the garden decorations. Don’t be hesitant to visit it while playing free solitaire online no download — Lily has excellent taste!

The online shop offers three styles of decor:

Standard – you may purchase it with in-game currency or get it as a prize.

Magical – it can be purchased with magic only.

Unique – exceptional dynamic graphics or with in-built sounds. music built in. It cannot be purchased with virtual coins, but only with real cash.

Meanwhile, all renovations and decor will raise the Garden’s Beauty grade.

In case the decorations you earned or purchased do not match the esthetic of your Garden with or without ultradecks, you may quickly ship it to a storehouse. The decor shop logo is near the warehouse logo. None of this is wasted if you wish to return it! This opportunity lets you decorate your places depending on the time of the year or some extraordinary events.

You may display your Garden to your mates and competitors, and you can look inside to watch your rival’s Garden throughout a competition. It’s as easy as that: the screen is on the left near the main competition screen.

How can players gain magic and another boosts?

In this game, the Garden provides much more simply decorative value: by upgrading the objects you get increasingly useful advantages.

The Garden has six things that can be improved significantly: the more competitions you play and succeed, the faster you’ll bring the Garden’s objects to the highest level.

While designing a Garden, it rises in rank. It is estimated in florets and is known as “Garden’s Beauty.” The total score rises with each structural upgrade and adding a new decor.

Extra Solitaire Social Areas

So as already explained, beautifying a Garden in Solitaire Social raises its score. When it hits 10 thousands, you receive access to an entirely new place—the Bayside! To build it, you must invest in sapphire gems. Be sure , you’ll have no problem finding it. This place will be assigned its own scoreboard, “Bayside’s Beauty!”. When your score here hits 10,000, the new place – Farm becomes accessible. Like the previous locations, it must be built and adorned! Farm money will come in helpful here.

Develop your Garden!

A Garden in this game is a great opportunity to mix up your games, fight with mates and rivals in your aesthetic and chill. Remember that creating Garden items earns you boosts and bonuses with quartz fireplaces.

So play Solitaire Social to win boosts, rewards, and money, then rest in the Garden before returning to play. Solitaire Social is a play that will never tire you!

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