Engineered wood flooring looks just like solid wood flooring, only it’s made up of multiple layers. There’s a base sub caste, core layers and also a top sub caste (veneer), furnishing remarkable continuity when compared to solid wood flooring.

Engineered wood bottoms also come in a range of different laying patterns

The type of finish you choose for the bottom will impact its overall aesthetics. There are a lot of types of home stretches available. Learn further about each one below …


Bespoke finished bottoms are made to your own specifications. They can be acclimated to match your own measures, finish and species of wood.

The maturity of our bespoke bottoms are made from oak due to its versatility. Choose this finish if you want to have full control over the finished product.


Brushed finagled bottoms offer a rustic design and goes well with the Mastercraft door. The face of the wood is brushed to reveal the harsh grains under. They contain further knots and shadowing than other home stretches.

This creates a luxurious effect. The brushed effect moment is substantially achieved through machinery.

However, a brushed bottom is ideal, if you’re looking for an affordable yet luxurious look.

Brushed and lacquered

You can also choose to have a brushed and lacquered finish. These bottoms have a rustic design, with a smooth finish.

The lacquer protects the face while adding a candescent appearance.

This creates a more ultramodern looking bottom. They also bear little conservation and will hide scrapes and signs of wear and gash fluently.

Brushed and waxed

Brushed bottoms can also come with a waxed face. This produces a more natural look than lacquer.

The canvas seeps through the face and protects it from within, icing a long- lasting finish. You get the same rustic effect, only with a defensive, tough coating.


Eschewal of all of the different types of home stretches, worried provides the most striking look. These bottoms appear to be worn down and they feature a textured face.

Utmost worried bottoms are created from rustic grade wood, so they’ve an antique style appearance.

Hand Scraped

If you want a luxurious looking finagled wood bottom, the Hand scraped finish is a great choice. It’s veritably analogous to a brushed finish, only it has been scraped by hand. This means that no two planks will ever be the same.

The bottoms give a rustic sense to the room and they’re slightly more precious than the brushed kinds.

Hand scraped and lacquered

You can also buy Hand scraped flooring with a lacquered finish. This gives the bottom a lustrous, sophisticated look.

The lacquer really protects the Hand scraped face, icing it doesn’t fluently get worn down.


With lacquered finagled flooring, you can choose from matt or satin lacquer. Both give a candescent face and excellent protection against wear and gash.

Matt lacquered finagled wood bottoms give a analogous finish to waxed and waxed bottoms. They’re resistant against scrapes and every day wear and gash, alongside being fade resistant.

Satin lacquered bottoms give a slightly lustrous look. This gives it a smooth appearance, while also guarding the face against scrapes and wear and tear.


Lubricated homestretches give the most natural looking finish. It does need to be reapplied more constantly than lacquered flooring which matches with the ralph lauren paints on the wall.

Still, you’ll find this generally needs to be done formerly every 10 times or so, depending upon how important wear and tear it’s exposed to.

This type of finish also doesn’t give the same position of protection as lacquered flooring. This means it’s stylish used in low business areas.


This type of finagled wood flooring allows you to apply your own finish. This gives you great inflexibility over how it looks and performs. When choosing the type of finish for your finagled wood bottom, consider how you want it to look, alongside how durable you need it to be.

You’ll find untreated bottoms are generally the cheapest option due to the cost of having to finish them yourself.


These are the different types of home stretches you can choose from.

Make sure to really think about what type of finish you need before buying. Each has its own set of pros and cons to keep in mind.

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