Figuring Out How Much You Can Save with LED

You’ve heard it in every conversation you’ve ever had about lighting: LED is the way to go!

Halogen and incandescent bulbs are outdated and ineffective, sucking energy from the environment and money from your pocket with every on-flick of the switch. Yikes. Add that to the fact that Australia has one of the highest energy costs of the entire world, and you’re now wondering why you’ve waited so long.

You know you need to convert your home’s system, but you’re wondering how much money you can actually save with a whole-home makeover including painting the whole home… well, as least as far as LED light installation goes. We’re about to tell you.

The average Australian home saves $866 each year when they go forward with LED light installation. This is based on figures for a home with about 30 lights. If you have an even bigger home or property, you’ll save even more money!

Let’s break it down per light. A traditional halogen bulb costs over $35 to run each year. An LED bulb? Only $3.51. The difference is staggering! All you have to do is multiply $32 by the number of bulbs in your house and… well, you can do the math.

When you think about this on a bigger scale, if every home in Australia changed over to LED bulbs, together they could save over 90% of lighting costs and energy pulls on the environment. That’s staggering.

Some states in Australia like Victoria also offer FREE LED replacements through Accredited Power Saver! They pass on 100% of the subsidy savings to residents, meaning that in many circumstances, they don’t have to pay anything out of pocket for their home’s upgrade.

In another state New South Wales, they can get FREE LED replacements as well; they just have to pay a one-off $33 electrician fee. Remember, that’s the cost difference of one halogen bulb vs. one LED in one year. Seems like a no-brainer!

Queensland residents will save on their energy bills when they upgrade to an LED light installation, just like everyone else! Do your research and find out your local government incentives, and source a local provider. Check out Accredited Power Saver in Australia for more information about their LED light installation programs.

Call us today and start saving right away!

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